of the


of the


Held at

Brown City, Michigan

October 15-22, 1924


          The Eleventh General Conference of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, convened at Brown City, Mich., October 15, 1924.

          The Pennsylvania Conference Delegates being delayed, Conference convened at 1:00 P.M.

            Conference was opened by A. B. Yoder. After song and prayer, Conference was organized as follows:

Eld. H. B. Musselman, chairman.

Eld. C. I. Scott, vice-chairman.

Eld. A. B. Yoder, secretary.

I. Pike, assistant secretary.

            Resolved, That three seats to the right of the chair the three front seats across the Church, and the Evangelical Church for private sessions, constitute the bar.

            The chairman read Rom. 12, and gave us some very searching, yet appropriate remarks.


Pennsylvania Conference– H. B. Musselman, W. G. Gehman, C. H. Brunner, B. Bryan Musselman, E. N. Cassel, F.M. Hottel, Allan M. Gehman, G. O. Billig, H. H. Bergey, P.

Ward Musselman.

Ontario Conference– S. Goudie, M. Bricker, S. Cressman, C. N. Good, W. Brown, A. G. Warder, J. H. Sherk, I. Pike, J. Thompson.

Michigan Conference– J. S. Wood, F. A. Jones, O. B. Snyder, J. A. Avery, A. Kitching, A. Detweiler.

Indiana and Ohio Conference– A. B. Yoder, H. Metzger, S. Bartlett, W. H. Moore, C. I. Huffman, J. P. Michael, J. A. Freed, A. Neff, Anth. B. Yoder.

Nebraska Conference– C. I. Scott, N. W. Rich, T. Young.

Canada North West– A. Traub.

Editor– J. A. Huffman.

            The following Rules of Order were adopted:

            1. Each member, before speaking on any subject, or upon presenting any motion or seconding the same, shall arise and respectfully address the chair and receiving recognition, shall be allowed to speak ten minutes on each subject, and only once, except by the permission of the chair, provided no one else desires to speak or no one objects.

            2. The forenoon meetings open at 8:00 A. M., and close at 11:30; afternoon meetings open at l:00 P. M. and close at 5:00 P. M.

            3. That all open voting be done by raising the right hand.

            4. That the chairman nominate all committees and that Conference elect them.

            5. That all ordained ministers and probationers having charge of a work shall he received as advisory members, and be privileged to speak five minutes on any subject, and only once.

            6. That we encourage the chairman to call on such members of this conference who show inactivity. We request the chair to enforce all Rules of Order.

            7. That ministers of other denominations attending any of the meetings shall be introduced to this Conference.

            8. That we adopt T. B. Neely's Parliamentary Practice to govern this Conference body.

            Resolved, That Conference elect a press reporter to report the Conference proceedings to the press.

            J. A. Huffman was elected.

            9. That no member of this Conference be allowed to leave the bar without permission.

            10. That at the call of two-fifths of the members of this Conference present, the "yeas" and "Nays," shall be recorded.

            Resolved, That at least thirty minutes be spent at the opening of each morning meeting in devotion, during which time the chairman, or some one whom he may appoint shall give a brief devotional address, and the Conference join in earnest prayer.

            Resolved, That the Chairman appoint a time keeper.

            Eld. C. I. Huffman was appointed.

            Resolved, That we hold an evening meeting from 7:30 to 9:45 at the Evangelical Church.

            Resolved, That the evening meeting be open to advisory members only.

            Resolved, That we have the following committees: To Examine General Conference Minutes; On, Worship; On Statistics; On Annual Conference Minutes; On Resolutions; On Introduction; On Auditing; On Credentials and On Boundary.

            Chairman appointed Committee on Worship: J. S. Wood, F. A. Jones and. O. B. Snyder.

Report of Committee on Worship– The Committee beg leave to report as follows:

7:30 Testimony meeting in charge of Sister Mitchell.

8:00 Preaching by C. P. Moore.

After Service in charge of R. W. Dickert.

Committee :

J. S. Wood

O. B. Snyder

F. A. Jones

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and adjourn to meet at the Evangelical Church at 7:30 P. M.

            Adjourned. Prayer by N. W. Rich.


            The second meeting was opened in the Evangelical Church at 7:30.

            Prayer by A. Traub.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of previous meeting were read and, after some changes, were approved.

            The following Committees were nominated by the chair and elected by Conference.

            Committee on Examination General Conference Minutes– W. Brown, G. O. Billig, T. R. Young.

            Committee on Statistics– E. N. Cassel, C. N. Good, N. W. Rich and W. H. Moore.

            Committee on Annual Conference Minutes– S. Cressman, B. Bryan Musselman, O. B. Snyder, C. I. Huffman, A. G. Warder, J. K. Freed, and Allan M. Gehman.

            Committee on Introduction– F. A. Jones.

            Committee on Resolutions– C. N. Good, C. H. Brunner, and C. I. Scott.

            Committee on Auditing– M. Bricker, J. A. Huffman, F. M. Hottel, J. A. Avery, J. H. Sherk and S. Bartlett.

            Committee on Credentials– S. Goudie, W. G. Gehman, A. B. Yoder, J. S. Wood, C. I. Scott, and Traub.

            Committee an Boundary– A. B. Yoder, J. S. Wood, S. Goudie, W. G. Gehman, F. A. Jones, H. M. Metzger, M. Bricker, C. I. Scott, A. Traub and H. B. Musselman.

            Resolved, That the Editor be asked to give his report.

            Resolved, That the conference resolve itself into a committee of the whole to consider the Report of the Editor.

            Conference adjourned at 1:30 P. M.


Thursday Morning

            The Conference convened at the regular hour.

            Eld. A. Traub lead the devotional exercises.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of second meeting read and received.

            Secretary's Financial Report

Received for 1,000 Conference Journals apportioned to the various Annual Conferences as instructed by last General Conference                                        $240.00

Paid Out

Total Cost of Journals                                                                  208.48

Amount voted to Secretary                                                             25.00

New Secretary Book                                                                        5.55

Supplies for present Conference                                                         .70

            Total Expenditures                                                         $239.73

            Balance                                                                                   .27


            Report accepted. Secretary-J. A. Huffman.

            Report of Committee of the Whole- We beg to report that we made progress and ask to sit again.

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That we suspend business until the call of the Chair.

            Rev. T. P. Baker, Vice-President and Home Missionary Secretary of the Wesleyan Church was introduced to the Conference, who then gave a very inspiring address.

            Resolved, That the Rev. T. P. Baker be invited to sit in the Conference bar.

            Report of Committee on Credentials.

            The Committee begs leave to report as follows:

            The Pennsylvania Conference is entitled to four Presiding Elders, four preacher delegates and four lay delegates. H. B. Musselman and W. G. Gehman are Presiding Elders; B. Bryan Musselman, C. H. Brunner, E. N. Cassel and F. M. Hottel are the preacher delegates; and G. O. Billig, Allan M. Gehman, H. H. Bergey, and H. L. Moyer who is represented by P. Ward Musselman, the alternate delegate, are the lay delegates.

            The Ontario Conference is entitled to three Presiding Elders, four preacher delegates and three lay delegates: S. Goudie and M. Bricker are the Presiding Elders; S. Cressman, W. Brown, A. G. Warder, and C. N. Good are the preacher delegates, and I. Pike, J. H. Sherk, and J. Thomp-

son are the lay delegates.

            The Indiana and Ohio Conference is entitled to three Presiding Elders, three preacher delegates and three lay delegates: A. B. Yoder and A. M. Metzger are the Presiding Elders; C. I. Huffman, and S. Bartlett are the preacher delegates, and J. Freed, J. P. Michael, and A. Neff are the lay delegates.

            The Michigan Conference is entitled to two Presiding Elders, two preacher delegates and two lay delegates: F. A. Jones and J. S. Wood are the Presiding Elders; O. B. Snyder and J. A. Avery are the preacher delegates, and P. Detweiler and A. Kitching are the lay delegates.

            The Nebraska Conference is entitled to one Presiding Elder, one preacher delegate and one lay delegate: C. I. Scott is the Presiding Elder; N. W. Rich is the preacher delegate and T. R. Young is the lay delegate.

            The Canadian North West is entitled to one Presiding Elder: A. Traub is the Presiding Elder.

            Neither any representative of the Pacific Conference nor minute book are here, therefore we are not able to report for that Conference.

            The Editor of the Gospel Banner, J. A. Huffman is entitled to a membership in this Conference.

            We recommend that Anthony B. Yoder be recognized as a member of this Conference to represent the Executive Board who are the Publishers of which Board he also is a member.

            Upon examining the various Annual Conference Minutes we found all of the above duly elected according to Discipline.


S. Goudie

J. S. Wood

W. S. Gehman

A. B. Yoder

C. I. Scott

A. Traub.

            Report was accepted.

Report of Committee on Church Union

            Your Committee held one meeting with representatives of the Defenseless and Mission Churches early in 1921. Both of these churches expressed, through their Delegates desire for closer co-operation with the M. B. C. Church. But as neither delegates had any power to act, nothing definite could be done. It was agreed, however, that another meeting should be held later. This meeting was called in connection with a United Missionary Society Meeting, but no delegates of either of the other bodies appeared. The Committee held a meeting with several representatives of the Pilgrim Holiness Church, in June, 1923, at Wakarusa, Ind., but nothing of an official character was done.

            The Committee also has intimations from several churches that they would be pleased to consider closer affiliations with our church. Among them are the Pilgrim Holiness, The Wesleyan Methodist, and the Defenseless Mennonites. It is probable that some of these and possibly all will have fraternal delegates at this Conference.

            The Committee proposes to the Conference that it continue a Committee on Church Union during the' next quadrennium to meet with similar committees of churches of like faith to consider closer relations.

Committee :

B. A. Sherk

N. W. Rich

J. A. Huffman

A. B. Yoder

S. Goudie

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That the Presiding Elders give a written report to be entered in the minutes.

            Resolved, That we suspend rulesi of order and adjourn,


            Prayer by S. Cressman.


Thursday Afternoon

            Meeting was opened Iby song. Prayer by S. Bartlett.

            Roll call.

            Minutes of third meeting were read and with slight corrections were approved.

            Report of Committee on Resolutions

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, We have listened with great interest to the address of Rev. T. P. Baker, Vice-President: of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection of America and Home Missionary Secretary of his Church, and,

            Whereas, He has come to us as a Fraternal Delegate from his church bringing to us the greetings and good wishes of his people, therefore–

            Resolved, That we enjoy the presence of Brother Baker and appreciate the greetings and the expression of fellowship, and further

            Resolved, That we wish to return the greetings of this General Conference to the Wesleyan Methodist Connection though Brother Baker their representative.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott.

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That this General Conference send a fraternal delegate to the next General Conference of the Wesleyan Methodists.

            Resolved, That the delegate be elected by open vote.

            A. B. Yoder was elected.

            Report of Committee on Boundaries

            We the committee on Boundaries submit the following report:

            We recommend, that boundaries remain unchanged, except, that the boundaries between the Nebraska and Pacific Conference be adjusted as these conferences shall mutually agree upon.


A. B. Yoder

S. Goudie

H. B. Musselman:

W. G. Gehman

J. S. Wood

F. A. Jones

A. Traub

M. Bricker

H. M. Metzger.

            Report was accepted.

            Report of Committee on General Conference Minutes

            We have examined the General Conference Minutes by comparing them with the copy furnished us. We found them correct.

            The signature sheet is missing from the original copy of the minutes, but we have compared the signatures as they appear in the minute book, with the signatures in the printed Journal and find that they agree.

Committee :

W. Brown

G. O. Billig

T. R. Young

            Rev. Emanuel Slagle, and Rev. Joseph Ging, fraternal delegates from the Defenseless Mennonite Church were introduced.

            Resolved, That they be asked to address the General Conference on Friday at 10:00 A. M.

            Presiding Elders Reports.

            Pennsylvania Conference. Bethlehem District, H. B. Musselman, P. E.

            It is with a very real sense of the blessing of God upon his word in our conference that we submit this quadrennial report.

            The Lord has given us a very loyal, self-denying and devoted ministry, and a faithful laity. All our ministers are unconditional. We have many young people who are obedient and faithful in service. Our prayer meetings are largely attended. In most of our Churches we have services about every night the year round.

            The Contributions for Home and Foreign Missionary purposes in the various channels for 1924, amounted to $34,113.32, on an average of $14.11 per member, and for all church purposes a total of $174,974.39, or $72.39 per member.

            Mt. Carmel District, Pennsylvania, W. G. Gehman, P. E.

            This district is the smaller one of the Pennsylvania Conference and comprises seven appointments.

            The pastors are faithful to the Lord in preaching the Word without compromise: are submissive to their superiors, and submit themselves in love one to another in the fear of the Lord: are self-sacrificing and willing to impart themselves to their flocks over which they are overseers.

            The members, throughout, are spiritual and plain, true hearted, whole-hearted and loyal and sacrificing. The prayer and ordinance meetings are largely attended, and nearly all the members with a number of outside people take part in these services.

            The Sunday School work is progressive; a number of effectual open air meetings were held.

            Four campmeetings and a number of successful tent meetings were held during the past quadrennium.

            This district also includes the Gospel Herald Society which has seven missions and at present twenty men are engaged in preaching the Gospel in the open air, halls, and chapels, in some instances almost nightly throughout the year; disposing of large quantities of Bibles, Testaments and other religious literature, and seeking to gather out a people for the coming of the Lord.

            These men are examined montlhly by correspondence on various portions of scripture. There are men in this society who are splendid prospects for pastors; and missionaries in the future. A number of Conference appointments, originated in Gospel Herald Society Missions.

            Ontario Conference, West District, S. Goudie, P. E.

            I am unable to very accurately report the condition of each field on my district for I have just been changed from the east to the west district, and have not been able to go over my work, however I, have a general view of the conditions from what Bro. Cressman reported at our late Annual Conference.

            There are only three circuits and six mission fields on this district, two of these mission fields are very weak, numerically; but even on these we have some real faithful pilgrims.

            On our larger fields we have a large company of fine young people, that are very active, in a number of places they have organized societies and at our last Annual Conference, Bro. S. Cressman was elected Superintendent of the Young Peoples' Societies; we are anticipating a successful career for this part of our work.

            We have had some good camp-meetings, tabernacle meetings, and revival meetings, in the past four years, and we are hoping for greater things in the next quadrennium.

            We have a number of city missions and a company of faithful and talented city mission workers, who have C. N. Good as their president; am sorry he can not report his part of the work to this conference.

            M. Pricker, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of the East District of the Ontario Conference: This is not only my first time as Delegate to General Conference, but my first call to report as a Presiding Elder. I have recently been elected and stationed by the Ontario Conference as Presiding Elder of the East District.

            As yet have not been able to hold any quarterly meetings since my election.

            I can only report, the extent of my District allotted me consisting of four circuits, and six missions (of which Toronto West has for years been self-supporting.)

            The pastors on this District are unconditional, earnest, fully consecrated, men, who have the cause of God at heart and labor for the salvation of souls.

            F. A. Jones, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of Port Huron District of the Michigan Conference :

            There are eighteen organized classes on this District all of which own their own church property, except one. This District is composed of one circuit, two stations, five mission circuits and two mission stations. Two new churches have been built since last General Conference.

            Some of these fields are small and the people poor, especially in the northern part of the state. Some of our country appointments have suffered from people moving to the city in tum this has helped the city appointments.

            We have a self-sacrificing ministry, who are trying to do their best to push the work. God has blessed our work during the past four years for which we are grateful.

            J. S. Wood, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of the Pontiac Michigan: This District consists of two circuits, three stations, and five missions. On, some of the fields the work is quite encouraging, while on others the outlook is not so good. However, the Lord is helping us and there has been an increase in membership and finances.

            Our Quarterly Meetings are well attended, interesting spiritual. Most of our people enjoy the truth, and stand by the same.

            The pastors and workers, officials and people, are interested in work, loyal to the church, minded to obey God, and do what they can for the upbuilding of the kingdom and the hastening of the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

            C. I. Scott, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of the Nebraska Conference.

            We have in our Conference twenty-two classes, twelve churches, nine parsonages, four city missions. Our men are largely unconditional, giving their time to the work. Finances have been increasing. There has been a deepening in spiritual life among us. Our camp-meetings are well attended and have been times of Spiritual refreshing. Four missionaries are going to the Foreign Fields this year from our conference.

            Our young people are taking more interest.

            A. Traub, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of`Canadian Northwest Conference:

            We have one circuit; and seven missions in our conference, our ministers and sister workers are whole-hearted and self-sacrificing. We are a unit on doctrine and desire to stand by the good old Bible Doctrines of full salvation.

            Our young people stand by us nobly and many of them are seeing the needs of our great country and hearing and heeding the Macedonian call.

            A number of tabernacle meetings have been conducted, resulting in the salvation of souls, we have had five campmeetings during the last quadrennium, which, though not so large numerically, have been excellent in quality.

            We want to stand unitedly, and press into the conflict against the hosts of evil and are praying the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers.

            H. M. Metzger, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of Ohio District of Indiana and Ohio Conference:

            The work of the Ohio District covers a larger scope of territory than the Indiana District and not so strong in membership. However, the work is progressing nicely and there are prospects for the enlarging of our borders.

            The ministry is well united and I find it a pleasure to meet with them in the several quarterly conferences.

            A. B. Yoder, P. E.

            Presiding Elder of the Indiana District, of the Indiana and Ohio Conference:

The work shows a slow but steady growth in membership and finances; and a deepening of spiritual life amongst the membership. We have a consecrated ministry, who are faithful in preaching the word.

            The Lord has blessed us with a faithful laity who are having a vision of al lost world. The missionary spirit has increased and on the whole the work is advancing. New appointments have been opened. New churches have been built. A splendid camp-ground has been secured and a

permanent building erected. God gave us four splendid camp-meetings this quadrennium. We give God all the glory. He, and He alone, made it possible.

Report of Committee on Resolution:

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, We have listened with delight, to the reports submitted by the Presiding Elders of the various Conferences, telling us of the conditions which exist throughout the various Annual Conference fields. Many souls having been saved, sanctified and healed, therefore,

Resolved, That we greatly appreciate the self-denying labour of these, noble, true and faithful leaders, which the Lord has given us in these days of Apostasy and worldliness, and further,

            Resolved, That we pledge ourselves to stand by them, pray for them and trust the Lord will make them a greater blessing to the church than ever before.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we have a committee on General Conference expenses.

            Committee Elected--Anth. B. Yoder, Allen M. Gehman, C. N. Good.

Financial Report of General Conference Treasurer.

October 19, 1920 received from, Penn. Conf.                            $309. 60

Oct. 19, 1920, received from Ont. Conf.                                      291.76

Oct. 19, 1920, received from Mich. Conf.                                    168.00

Oct. 21, 1920, received from Ind. and Ohio Conf.                       257.54

Oct. 21, 1920, received from Nebraska Conf.                              111.21

Oct. 21, 1920, received from Canadian N. W. Conf.                     51.25

Oct. 21, 1920, received from Pacific Conf.                                    64.90

Total amount received                                                             $1,254.26

Amount paid out to delegates to General Conf.                      $1,254.26

                        Treasurer, Anthony B. Yoder.

            Report was: accepted.

            Resolved That Anthony B. Yoder act as Treasurer to receive and pay out General Conference funds.

            Resolved, That we meet in private session at the Evangelical Church from 6:30 P. M. to 9:00 P.M.

Committee on Worship

7:30 Testimony meeting-Miss J. Peard.

8:00 Preaching by Rev. R. P. Ditmer.

After service in charge of Rev. R. L. Woodring.

Committee :

J. S. Wood

0. B. Snyder

F. A. Jones.

            Report accepted.

            Report of Committee on Resolution.

            We beg leave to report the following:

            While listening to the reports of the Presiding Elders of the various Annual Conferences we were specially impressed by the references made by each of them relative to the faithfulness, obedience, loyalty and consistent lives of our lay members scattered over many states in the union as well as the Dominion of Canada, therefore,

            Resolved, That we greatly appreciate the faithfulness and loyalty, the prayer and support of our laity who have been standing by us so faithfully during the past, some of them for many years, and further,

            Resolved, That we will pray for them and endeavor to spend and be spent for them and to declare unto them the whole will and counsel of Giod, and hope and trust that God will preserve them blameless and spotless unto His return.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. I. Scott

C. H. Brunner.

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That the General Conference resolve itself in a committee of the whole and that all advisory members be allowed to be present.


            Prayer by Eld. Peter Cober.


Thursday Evening

            The meeting was opened in the Evangelical Church at 6:30 P. M.

            Roll Call

            The minutes of previous meeting were read and received.

            Resolved, That the Conference resolve itself into a committee of the whole.

            Conference adjourned at 9:30 P. M.


Friday Morning

            Meeting opened by song. Prayer by H. M. Metzger.

            S. Goudie conducted the devotional services, reading and commenting on I Cor. 4:4-14.

This was followed by a season of prayer.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of the fifth meeting were read and approved.

            Report of the Committee of the whole to examine the Editor.

            We beg leave to recommend that the report of the Editor be accepted and that the Editor be passed.


C. I. Scott, Chairman

I. Pike, Secretary

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That we suspend business until the call of the Chair.

            Editor's Report to General Conference

            Almost twelve years have speedily passed since your servant assumed the responsibility as Editor, in response to the call made to him by the General Conference which convened at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They have been years of anxiety, toil and trial, but not without joy, achievement and victory.

            The members of the General Conference are aware of the fact, that your servant has not been responsible for the editing of the Gospel Banner, only; but also for the critical editing of the Bethel Series of Sunday School Literature, which work reaches back over a longer period of years than that of the Gospel Banner.

            The editorial work of the past quadrennium has been rendered less difficult by the fact that the desire of the church, relative to its periodicals, was definitely determined by the last two General Conferences, and the policy therefore settled. No effort has been made during the term to break in upon the fixed policy of the church organ.

            So far as the writer has knowledge, there has not been the slightest deviation from the established doctrine of the Church. A spirit of brotherly liberality has been sought at all times. The various sides of certain questions have been discussed frankly, but there has been no compromise of any fundamental doctrine. In a spirit of nothing but humility, gratitude and appreciation, the church periodicals are again laid at the feet of General Conference.

            All will be interested to know that the Gospel Banner, despite the financial stringency of the past few years, has a circulation of more than twenty-six hundred. This is a larger circulation than it had before the church assumed its publication in 1916. It is also a circulation of almost 50% of the membership of its avowed constituency; the highest percentage of circulation of any church periodical of which the writer has knowledge. The Sunday School periodicals haveenjoyed a somewhat slow, but steady gain, and are used in many Sunday schools outside of the church, as well as in most of the schools of the church. Since this report is editorial, and not publishing, statistics are not indulged in, except in this general way.

            The church has come to a place where a good, safe and growing church literature is indispensable to its permanence and future growth. In the Gospel Banner, Bethel Series of Sunday School literature, History of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, and other books which are being published, the Church is gathering about itself a literature for which it has reasons to be grateful. Such a literature as this will create a group consciousness, and enlarge the horizon of our work. It will give to the young people something which they so much need, an outlook on the future.

            In my report of four years ago, mention was made of the evidence that the previous General Conference acted the part of wisdom in assuming the responsibility of its own publications. This quadrennium has not subtracted from that conviction, but added to it. It is scarcely conceivable that any person could question the wisdom of this course. The blessing of the Lord has rested signally upon the work of the church in this department. No quadrennium of the past three has brought so many unsolicited expressions of appreciation and benefit from the ministry of the Gospel Banner, as has this one. For this there is reason for gratitude.

            The report of the Executive Committee will doubtless prove to be an encouraging one. The publishing work of the church, though not large, is of a very substantial character, and gives a favorable impression to those who come into contact with the work of the church. There is perhaps no greater field for the church than that of the printed page. It would appear that we are just beginning to awaken to this fact. It is highly important that the church should control its own publishing field, and determine largely what shall be read by its constituency. To fail at this point is a serious matter. Our prospects for the future will be determined, in no small measure, by the way we provide for our people in the field of literature.

            The Editor, as he lays his services before this General Conference is not completely satisfied with what he has been able to accomplish. He is conscious of his human limitations, and the fact that not a single perfect issue of the Gospel Banner has appeared during the quadrennium. It is a source of comfort to him, that we are not judged so much by what we achieve, as by the motive which has prompted us in the effort. He has been conscious, however, of the blessing of the Lord upon his ministry, as he has brought his weekly messages to his invisible congregation. The Lord, only, has kept the records of such who have been helped.

            In closing, appreciation is hereby expressed for the cooperation of those who have made the Gospel Banner possible during the previous years. The Executive Committee has had charge of the business end of the publication. The office force has taken care of its part. The printers have rendered fairly satisfactory services. The associate editors, especially a few of them, have been quite faithful in contributing. It is to be regretted that some of them contributed so little. A goodly number of other ministers, workers and laity have contributed from time to time. For each assistance rendered, recognition is hereby made. Without such help, it would not have been possible to maintain the standards which we have Ibeen able to maintain during the


            May the Lord bless every member of the Gospel Banner constituency, and make it a greater blessing in the future than it has ever been in the past!

            J. A. Huffman, Editor.

            At 10:00 A. M. the Conference was addressed by Rev. E. Slagle and Rev. J. Gerig, fraternal delegates from the Defenseless Mennonite Church.

Report of the Committee on Resolutions.

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, We have listened with interest to the addresses of the brethren Emanuel Slagle and J. K. Gerig, Fraternal Delegates from the Defenseless Mennonites bringing us greetings, therefore,

            Resolved, That we rejoice in the friendly spirit manifested toward our body and pray that the Lord may abundantly bless these brethren and the church which they represent, and that the ties of true fellowship in Christ may continue and increase until Jesus comes.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott.

            Report was accepted.

            Resolved, That this General Conference elect a fraternal delegate to the next Annual Conference of the Defenseless Mennonites to be held in the fall of 1925.

            Rev. C. I. Scott, Milford, Nebraska, was elected.

            Report of the Committee on Annual Conference Minutes

            We the committee on Annual Conference minutes report the following:

            We have examined the minutes of the Ontario, Canadian Northwest; Indiana and Ohio; Nebraska; Michigan and Pennsylvania Conferences.

            We found them all in good condition and as far as we could ascertain they were recorded correctly.

            We recommend that more prominence be given to recommendations to General Conference by marginal notes or red ink headings, and also that the date of the year be placed at the top of each page.

            We also noted in a few instances that committees over Presiding Elders have been elected but no report of their work was given.

            We found the following recommendations from the various conference.

            Ontario Conference.

            1. In view of the fact that many of our city mission workers have given many years of service in the church similar to that of pastors and yet have no vote in Conference, therefore

            Resolved, That we request General Conference to consider that all approved ministering sisters having had charge, be granted a vote in Conference.

            2. Whereas, A request was received from the Northwest Conference to co-operate with them in this matter, and petition General Conference to publish a proper catechism.

            3. Whereas, The present Article XII in the Discipline on Sanctification is considered to be flexible and allows more than one interpretation, and

            Whereas, Our conference is strongly Wesleyan in our teaching on Holiness– therefore–

            Resolved, That we ask General Conference to give us an article that will clearly teach the Wesleyan doctrine of Holiness.

            Indiana and Ohio Conference:

            1. Whereas, There have been some questions raised relative to Article XII of our Discipline on the subject of "Entire sanctification," various interpretations having been given to it– be it,

            Resolved, That we as a conference unanimously adopt the following:

            1. That we as a conference interpret the article according to the Wesleyan doctrine of the subject.

            2. That we oppose any other interpretation than the above. Which was the original intent of the article, and professed intent when the article was revised, in the General Conference of 1904, whether such interpretation be on the part of an individual or a group of individuals.

            That we ask the next General Conference either to give an interpretation to Article XII in keeping with the original intention of the article and the professed intention when it was revised in 1904 or give us an article on the subject of Entire Sanctification which General Conference is willing to interpret in keeping with the above.

            2. Whereas, the present Discipline requirements, that Presiding Elders, committees over Presiding Elders, and members of General Conference be elected from the unconditional men, works hardship on the church, by depriving it of some of its strongest and maturest men for the

filling of its most responsible and important places, be it,

            Resolved, That this Annual Conference petition General Conference to revise the Discipline so as to make the qualifications for the above named offices that of ordination, instead of its present demand that they be unconditional.

            3. Resolved, That this Conference appeal to the General Conference to revise the Reading Course and that the two Presiding Elders and the Reading Course Committee appointed by Indiana and Ohio Conference to recommend books to take the place of such as are out of print.

            Reported as follows:

            That Church History entitled, "Short History of the Christian Church," by John F. Horst take the place of Horsch's History.

            "Inheritance Restored" by M. L. Haney, take the place of, "Lessons in Holiness" and add to the first year "Old Testament Introduction" by John H. Raven.

            "Introduction to New Testament," by John H. Kerr take the place of "Reformed Pastor" in the Second year.

            "Biblical Psychology," by O. Chambers take the place of "Fletcher's Appeal," in the Third year.

            We, further recommend that "History of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, be read during the first year.

            That the General Conference provide a book on Foreign Missions for the second year. “Holiness and the Human Element," by Baldwin and “The Holy Spirit," by W. T. Hogue be read during the Third year.

            Pennsylvania Conference:

            No appeals.

            Michigan Conference:

            1. Resolved, That we request General Conference to grant our sister workers the privilege of equal rights in voting with our brethren in Annual Conferences. Further–

            Resolved, That the General Conference create an office with more dignity for them, than "approved ministering sisters."

            2. Whereas, There is considerable misunderstanding concerning the word, "Unconditional" in our Discipline, be it,

            Resolved, That we request General Conference to revise our Discipline that the question be substituted with, "Who are willing to travel?"

            3. Resolved, That we request General Conference to substitute some book to take the place of "Reformed Pastor,” in the Reading Course.

4. Resolved, That we request General Conference to consider the possibility of establishing a Fire Insurance system for the members of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church.

            Nebraska Conference:

            1. Whereas, There is felt a need for a closer cooperation between the several Annual Conferences for the purpose of mutual counsel, and the supplying of qualified workers and enlarging and extension of the work

            Resolved, That we recommend that the General Conference consider the advisability of providing for a "United Home Mission Board," for that purpose.

            2. Whereas, The following books of our Reading course are out of print; viz: "Lessons in Holiness" by T. K. Doty and "Church History'" by John Horsch, be it

            Resolved, That this Conference recommend that the General Conference substitute, "Perfect Love," by J. A Wood in the place of "Lessons in Holiness," and Horst's Short History of the Christian Church, instead of Horsch's Church History and supply another book in the place of

“Reformed Pastor."

            3. Whereas, It is not always possible for the applicants for membership to read the Discipline before uniting with the Church and yet should be familiar with our teaching, be it,

            Resolved, That we petition the General Conference to consider the advisability of having application blanks printed, that the individual may fill out before uniting with the church.

            4. Whereas, God is calling into the work such who are devoting their lives to the ministry of song and that we have no provisions for such an order,

            Resolved, That we petition General Conference to make provision to authorize such commissioned evangelists.

            Canadian North Western Conference:

            1. Whereas, we as a Conference feel the need of a catechism for the instruction of our children in the principles of the Bible– and our Church– be it,

            Resolved, That we petition the General Conference to publish a catechism for the use of the church and especially our younger children.

            2. Whereas, We as a Conference feel the need of a closer bond of union with our sister Conferences, and;

            Whereas, We believe that a Bishop or Traveling Superintendent who could visit all the Conferences would prove a means of uniting the church as a whole more closely, be it,

            Resolved, That we petition General Conference to elect a Bishop.

            3. Resolved, That we memorialize the General Conference to pool the fares, providing this is not a General rule.

            4. Resolved, That we as a Conference recommend General Conference to enlarge our Reading Course and replace the books which are not available as outlined at present in the Discipline.

            Pacific Conference:

            The minutes book of the Pacific Conference not being here, however word has come of it being sent, we to this time have not been able to examine it.

Committee :

S. Cressman

B. Bryan Musselman

O. B. Snyder

C. I. Huffman

A. G. Warder

J. A. Freed

Allen M. Gehman

            Report accepted.

            Rev. S. Goudie chairman of the Executive Committee then gave his report.

            Resolved, That the report of Executive Committee be tabled and be taken up in private meeting when committee is examined.

            Resolved, That we extend the time.


            Prayer by Rev. C. N. Good.


Friday Afternoon

            Conference was opened by song. Prayer by H. M. Metzger.

            Roll Call.

            Rev. R. Cramer from the Taylor University of Upland, Ind.; Rev. Gee. Lounds, pastor of Pilgrim Holiness Church, Crosswell, Mich.; Rev. H. W. NeEson, pastor of the Church of God, Pech, Mich.; and Rev. L. G. Moore, pastor of Pentecostal Mission, Charlotte, Mich.; were introduced to Conference.

            Resolved, That Rev. R. B. Cramer be asked to address the Conference

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet in private session at the Evangelical Church, to consider the report of the Executive Committee and such other business as may present itself.


            Prayer by J. A. Avery.


Friday Morning


Conference convened in private meeting at Evangelical Church, Friday at 1:30 P. M. Opened by song. Prayer by T. R. Young.

            Resolved, That the Report of the Executive Committee be lifted.

            Resolved, That committee absent itself while it is being examined.

            In the absence of the secretary, C. N. Good was elected secretary pro-tem.

            The matter of examining the Executive Committee was then taken up.

            Resolved, That this General Conference ask the Executive Committee why they published the Gospel Banner without a publisher during this quadrennium.

            Resolved, That we extend the time indefinitely.

Report of Committee of Worship

            We report as follows:

            7:30 Testimony Meeting– Miss L. Shupe.

            8:00 Preaching– Rev. E. Slagle.

            After Meeting– Rev. J. Gerig.

Committee :

J. S. Wood

O. B. Snyder

F. A. Jones.

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet at 6:30.


            Prayer by Anth. B. Yoder.


Friday Evening

            The meeting was opened by prayer.

            Roll Call.

            Whereas, According to the explanation of the Executive Committee, the last General Conference did not elect a Publisher, and for this reason the Executive Committee acted as Publisher during the last quadrennium. Therefore

            Resolved, That their explanation be accepted as satisfactory.

            Resolved, That the report of the Executive Committee be accepted, and the committee be passed.

Report of the Executive Committee to the General Conference

            We, the Executive Committee, submit the following report :

            We regret to report that during this General Conference term, we have lost by the death of brother A. D. Hoke, a valuable and faithful member of the Committee. The vacancy was filled by the election of Anth. B. Yoder, by the members of the committee.

            The regular annual meetings have been held which have been well attended by all members.

            Immediately following the General Conference of 1920, at which time the management of the Bethel Publishing Company was taken over by the Executive Committee, J. N. Pannabaker was engaged as Business Manager of the Publishing Interests and to edit pages 12 to 16 of the Gospel Banner, including reports, announcements, advertisements, etc. Elder J. A. Huffman having been elected Editor of the Gospel Banner edited pages 1 to 11 of the Banner and gave us a good, clean, wholesome periodical.

            According to contract the printing of the Banner was changed from Berne, Ind., to the Times Publishing Company of Pandora, Ohio, who have given general satisfaction, the

Banner appearing regularly and promptly with good mechanical makeup.

            As manager of Publishing Interests, J. N. Pannabaker has given good service, the business growing, sales increasing, each year. The arrangement and orderliness of the stock in the house, the well-kept records have avoided errors, which have resulted in general satisfaction among patrons of the Publishing House.

            The relation between the Business Manager has been most pleasant, his management of the office, his carefully analyzed reports enabling the Committee to clearly understand the business, and tho we have passed through four years wherein there has been depreciation in stock and times of business depression, yet there has been a marked increase in stock and in business annually.

            We submit the following financial reports of the Treasurer of the Committee and the Business Manager:

Treasurer's Report

October 22, 1920, balance in cash on hand                               $ 675.00

Collected during the year to Oct., 1921                                   $2,422.63

            Total -------------------------------------                          $3,097.68

Paid out during the same year                                                 $2,947.38

Balance on hand                                                                         $150.30

                        A. D. Hoke, (Deceased) Treas.

Oct. 3, 1921, received from A. D. Hoke– Bonds                        $700.00

Received in notes against Bethel Publishing Co.                       $500.00

Received in cash                                                                         $150.30

Collected during year                                                                 $711.99

            Total                                                                        $862.29

            Paid out during year                                                       $180.42

            Balance on hand                                                             $681.87

Oct. 3, 1922, balance on hand                                                    $681.87

Collected                                                                                    $831.00

            Total                                                                            $1,512.93

Paid out during 1922                                                                  $760.13

            Balance                                                                           $752.80

Balance October 3, 1923                                                            $752.80

Collected                                                                                    $308.35

            Total                                                                            $1,061.15

Paid                                                                                            $248.91

            Balance                                                                           $812.24

On hand in Government Bonds                                                  $700.00

                        Anth. B. Yoder, Treasurer.

            Managers Report.Gospel Banner Circulation Statement

            Paid subscriptions:

United States                                                                              1615

Canada                                                                                          915

Foreign                                                                                           25

City Missions                                                                                 80

Total Paid Subscriptions                                                                                     2636


United States                                                                                  30

Canada                                                                                              2


Free copies:

United States                                                                                  21

Canada                                                                                              1

Foreign                                                                                             6                    28


Total                                                                                                                   2696

Financial Statement

1924 From Subscriptions                                                      $3,6 51.94

            From City Missions                                                            39.90

            From sale of Special Banner                                                  .55

            From Contributions to Poor Fund                                    117.70

            Total                                                                            $3,810.09

            Expenses for paper, printing, mailing, etc.                  $5,273.23

                        Deficit                                                             $1,463.14

1923 Receipt for year                                                              $5,588.92

            Paid out                                                                       $6,659.59

                        Deficit                                                             $1,463.14

1922 Receipts for year                                                             $4,712.27

            Paid out                                                                       $5,652.78

                        Deficit                                                                $940.51

1921 Receipts for year 

            Paid out                                                                       $5,538.01

                        Deficit                                                                $950.05

Financial Statement of Bethel Publishing Company

October 1, 1923 to September 30, 1924


Merchandise as per inventory                                                  $5,006.39

Stationery                                                                                     350.68

Fixtures                                                                                     2,028.45

Book Plates    730.00

Less                600.00                                                                   130.00

Cash on Hand

Currency and Coin                                                                     $129.63

Deposit in Bank

New Carlisle                                                                                 397.90

Stouffville                                                                                     416.33

Building and Loan                                                                     1,498.57


Total Cash                                                                                                        2,442.43

Credits Receivable                                                                                                   1.43

Accounts Receivable                                                                                            634.60

Unused Parcel Post Insurance                                                                                  2.70

            Total                                                                                                 $12,996.68


Bills payable, not due                                                                 $137.56

Credits payable                                                                               25.05

Prepaid S. S. Orders                                                                       26.68

S. S Papers, Nov. And Dec.                                                          360.00

            Total                                                                                                         549.31

Net present worth, Oct. 1, 1924                                                                      12,447.37

Net present worth, Oct. 1                                                                               11,047.43

            Net gain                                                                                              $1,399.94

Advanced to Gospel Banner deficit                                                                $1,246.01

            Total gain                                                                                           $2,645.95

Present worth Jan. 1 ,1921                                                      $6,000.00

Present worth Oct. 1, 1924                                                      12,800.00

            Net gain                                                                                              $6,800.00

                        S. Goudie, Chairman

Summary of Yearly Sales of Bethel Publishing Company

Oct. 1920 to Oct. 1921                                                                                 $17,316.37

Oct. 1921 to Oct. 1922                                                                                 $17,217.07

Oct. 1922 to Oct. 1923                                                                                 $18,109.41

Oct. 1923 to Oct. 1924                                                                                   18,481.95


            Whereas, There was a question raised at this session of the General Conference relative to the action of the Executive Committee existing before this quadrennium concerning an appeal of J. N. Pannabecker from the decision of the Michigan Conference, be it,

            Resolved, That this General Conference has investigated the matter and fully sustains the Executive Committee, then existing, in their action– and further,

            Resolved, That we deeply deplore the actions of such who have spoken against said committee in this matter.

Report of Committee on Resolutions:

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Having heard the reports of the Editor of the Gospel Banner and the Executive Committee relative to the publishing of the Gospel Banner– be it,

            Resolved, That we are well pleased with their reports, giving an account of their work in connection with the Gospel Banner and pray God's blessing upon these brethren and upon the future of the Gospel Banner.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

            Report accepted.


            Prayer by J. Thompson.


Saturday Morning

            Devotional services were conducted by A. B. Yoder, who read Titus 2:7-15 and made some appropriate remarks.

            A season of prayer followed.

            Roll Call.

            The minutes of the sixth, seventh and eighth meetings were read and after a few corrections approved.

Report of the General Board of the United Missionary Society.

            In keeping with the provision of the last General Conference for the organization of a General Conference Board of Foreign Missions, representatives of the Ontario, Indiana and Ohio, Michigan and Nebraska Conferences met in Elkhart, Ind., in January, 1921 and adopted a Constitution and by-laws. The same has been ratified by the following Conferences: Ontario, Indiana and Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, pacific and Canadian Northwest.

            Ratification by these above named conferences has made them members of the United Missionary Society, the name which was adopted for the society organized for the

promotion and conducting of Foreign Mission work within the M. B. C. Church.

            At the first meeting of the members of the General Board, elected by the various annual Conferences, held in Goshen, Ind., on Oct. 1921, the following organization was perfected. President, J. A. Huffman; Vice-President, S. Goudie; Recording Secretary, C. I. Scott; Corresponding Secretary, A. B. Yoder; C. N. Good, Treasurer.

            As a result of the organization of the United Missionary Society, all of the Foreign Mission interests of these several Conferences have been placed under one board; the mission-

aries on the various fields, having been sent out from the several Conferences now worldng at the direction of the General Board of the United Missionary Society, and supported out of its treasury.

            There has also been a quickening of interest in Foreign Mission work throughout the various Conferences, resulting in a marked increase in offerings and candidates for the mission fields.

            The income of the society during the last fiscal year was approximately twenty-five thousand dollars. The Board has, however, mapped out a program of work for the future which will require an expenditure of no less than thirty-thousand dollars, annually, for the next several years.

            The United Missionary Society now conducts work in Africa, in the Near East, and is now planning to open a station in India.

            Besides this work, it also supports missionaries in China who are laboring under the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and under the National Holiness Association.

            The members of the General Board concur in the conviction, that the organization of the United Missionary Society, by the authority of the General Conference, has, in a large measure, solved the problem of its foreign work of the church with which it has been confronted for a number of years.


S. Goudie, President

J. A. Huffman, Vice-president

A. B. Yoder, Cor. Secretary

C. I. Scott, Recording Sec'y

A. Traub

B. A. Sherk

            Report accepted.

Report of the Committee on Annual Conference Minutes

            We have received the minute Book of the Pacific Conference and find there have been only three during the quadrennium.

            There are no recommendations nor appeals.

            We find however, there are no unconditional ministers in their conference from which to elect a Presiding Elder as required by the Discipline. They have therefore elected a conditional man as Presiding Elder.

Committee :

S. Cressman

B. Bryan Musselman

O. B. Snyder

C. I. Huffman

A. G. Worder

J. A. Freed

Allen M. Gehman

            Report accepted.

Report of the Committee on Resolution

            We beg leave to report the following:

In Memoriam

            Whereas, In the providence of God, our dear brother A. D. Hoke of New Carlisle, Ohio, a lay delegate to his Annual Conference and also to four General Conferences, also a member of the Executive Committee for several quadrenniums has fallen asleep in Jesus, since we have last met in General Conference session– therefore,

            Resolved, That we greatly miss the genial presence and sound counsel of our esteemed brother bowing humbly to the will of Him who doeth all things well, and further,

Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the widow and family of the deceased and pray the God of all comfort, to comfort their hearts– and further,

Resolved, That a copy of this report in the form of a resolution, signed by the chairman, and secretary of this body, be sent to Sister Hoke.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott

            Resolved, That we consider the recommendations and appeals of the various conferences as compiled in classified group.

Committee :

B. Bryan Musselman

A. G. Warder

            Report was accepted.

            Rev. L. F. Cilley, pastor of Baptist Church of Brown City, Mich., was introduced to the Conference.

            Resolved, That no minister be requested to leave the Sunday Services to fill pulpits, unless he so desires.

            Resolved, That we meet in private meeting at the Evangelical church.

            Resolved, That this conference resolve itself into a committee of the whole to consider the recommendations from the various conferences on Article XII of our Discipline.

            Conference continued in private meeting at 1:00 P. M.

Resolved, That the chairman H. B. Musselman preach on Sunday morning.

            Resolved, That the program for the rest of the Sunday be left to the judgment of the committee on worship.

Report of Committee of the Whole

            We beg leave to report that we have made progress and ask leave to sit again.

            Conference resumed regular work at 4:45.

            Report of Committee of the Whole.

            We beg leave to report that, we have made progress.

            C. I. Scott, Chairman

            I. Pike, Secretary

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we extend the time of adjourning indefinitely.

Committee on Worship

We beg leave to report as follows:


7:30 Testimony - W. Brown

8:00 Address in the interest of Marion College - J. A. Huffman

8:15 Preaching - C. H. Brunner

After Service - C. I. Huffman


A. M.

9:45 Devotional Exercises - H. M. Metzger

10:30 Preaching - H. B. Musselman

Chorus by Pennsylvania Brethren

After service in charge of C. I. Scott

P. M.

2:00 Testimony Meeting - C. N. Good

2:35 Preacher's Quartet - Pennsylvania Conference

2:45 Preaching - A. Traub

After Service - J. A. Huffman


7:00 Testimony 1Meeting - W . G. Gehman

7:30 Preacher's Quartet - Indiana and Ohio Conference

7:45 Preaching - A. B. Yoder

After Service - N. W. Rich

10:00A.M. Baptist Church, Brown City - J. I. Moore

11:00 Evangelical Church - I. P. Moore

7:30P.M. Greenwood - E. D. Mast

7:30 Marlette - M. Bricker

7:30 Flint - C. T. Moore

7:30 Bad Axe - P. Cober


J. S. Wood

O. B. Snyder

F. A. Jones

            Report accepted.


            Prayer by C. I. Huffman.


Monday Morning

            Conference commenced at 8:00 A. M.

            Devotional services were conducted by Eld. S. Cressman, reading I Pet. 2:1-8; Rom. 12:1 and making some very appropriate remarks.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of ninth meeting were read and with a few slight corrections were adopted.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet in private meeting.


            Prayer by A. Kitching.


Monday Morning

            Opened by prayer.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes read and approved.

            Resolved, That the conference resolve itself into a committee of the whole.

            Conference resumed in regular meeting st 11:30.

            Resolved, That it be extended indefinitely.

Report of Committee of the Whole

            We beg leave to report that we have made progress, and ask leave to sit again.

C. I. Scott, Chairman

I. Pike, Secretary

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we suspend the rules and meet again at the Evangelical Church at the call of the Chair.


            Prayer by M. Pricker.


Monday Afternoon

            Conference was called by the chair at Church at 3:00 P. M.

            Roll was called.

            Minutes of previous meeting were read and received.

            Resolved, That the conference resolve itself into a committee of the whole.

            Conference resumed regular work at 4:40.

            Report of committee of the whole.

            We beg leave to report that we have made progress.

C. I. Scott, Chairman

I. Pike, Secretary

            Resolved, That a committee of six, one from each Conference be appointed to revise article XII in the Discipline.

Committee :

C. I. Scott

C. H. Brunner

S. Cressman

A. B. Yoder

0. B. Snyder

A. Traub

            Resolved, That we hold an evening meeting at 7:30 P. M.


            Prayer by J. H. Sherk.


Monday Evening

            Opened by song. Prayer by W. Brown.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes were read and approved.

Committee on General Conference Expenses:

Pennsylvania Conference                                                           $438.20

Ontario Conference                                                                112.03

Indiana tend Ohio Conference                                                      177.28

Michigan Conference                                                                  15.63

Nebraska Conference                                                                 142.50

Canada N. West Conference                                                        140.00

Pacific Conference

Total                                                                                        $1,025.64

We recommend the aibove amount to be apportioned as

follows :

Pennsylvania                                                                              $278.00

Ontario                                                                                      230.00

Indiana and Ohio                                                                          225.00

Michigan                                                                                      145.00

Nebraska                                                                                         84.00

Canada North West                                                                        33.50

Total                                                                                           $995.50

            Since the Pacific Conference had no representative at this General Conference, we, therefore, recommend that the Pacific Conference's apportionment of 935.00 be paid by the

various Conferences.

Committee :

Anthony B. Yoder

C. N. Good

Allen M. Gehman

            Report was accepted.

            Committee on Statistics

            We, the Committee on Statistics submit the following report and also recommend that the item subscription and literature sold, be placed outside of the total collection. And in the event new schedules should be printed a place shall be provided on schedule for Home Department members after total average attendance in Sunday School.

            (Statistical report at end of journal.)

Committee :

E. N. Cassel

W. H. Moore

C. N. Good

N. W. Rich

            Report accepted.

            Resolution number 2 from Ontario and number 1 from Michigan relative to ministering sisters were taken up together, for consideration.

            Resolved, That a committee of six be elected to formulate some plan relative to the above recommendations.

            Committee elected: H. B. Musselman, A. B. Yoder, S. Goudie, J. S. Wood, C. I. Scott and A. Traub.

            Recommendations number 2 from Ontario and number 1 from Canadian North West Conferences relative to a catechism were considered together.

            Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to formulate a book of Instruction for children and report to Executive Committee who shall have power to act in this matter.

            Committee: S. Goudie, S. Cressman, A. Traub.


            Prayer, J. A. Huffman.


Tuesday Morning

            Conference commenced at 8:00 A. M.

            Devotional services were conducted by M. Bricker, reading II Tim. 4:1-8.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes were read and approved.

Report of Committee on Resolutions.

            We beg leave to report the following:


            The morning service was opened at 9:45 by devotional service in charge of H. M. Metzger after which H. B. Musselman, chairman of this General Conference session preached, followed by C. I. Scott.

            At 2:00 P. M. there was a testimony meeting in charge of C. N. Good, after which A. Traub, preached. At 7:00, P. M. there was a praise meeting in charge of W. G. Gehman, after which A. B. Yoder preached, followed by N. Rich.

            The weather during the day was delightful. The church was crowded all day, some even. not being able to get in. The brethren preached the word in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and we trust that the word spoken will bring forth much fruit. There were a number of selections in song rendered during the day by the Pennsylvania Preachers' Quartette.

            The services during the day were in charge of J. S. Wood. The class at Brown City furnished excellent entertainment for the many friends and visitors from far and near.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. A. Brunner

C. I. Scott

            Report accepted.

            Whereas, There may be a possibility of getting through with our Conference work tonight, therefore,

            Resolved, That the General servants, including Editor or Editors, Publisher and Executive Committee be taken up at 1:30 P. M.

S. Cressman

A. Traub

            Resolved, That this resolution be tabled.

            Report of Committee appointed to revise article 12 on sanctification.

            We beg leave to report that we have revised said article and recommend its adoption.

Committee :

C. I. Scott

C. H. Brunner

O. B. Snyder

A. B. Yoder

A. Traub

S. Cressman

Article XII


            Entire sanctification necessarily follows justification and regeneration; for, by it is implied a setting apart for the continual service of God, the individual justified and regenerated, also acleansing from all sin and all unrighteousness, which are removed only by the application and cleansing process of Christ's blood.– John 1:7, 9. It is an instantaneous act of God through the Holy Spirit, by faith in the atoning merits of Christ's blood, and constitutes the believer holy.

            The personal indwelling of God through the Holy Spirit in the believer is the greatest theme of the New Testament. If we are really filled with the Spirit we must have Him in our body. We will then know what it means to be quickened in our mortal flesh by the Spirit that dwelleth in us. We therefore are perfect– perfectly saved– the will of God perfectly performed in the soul. We must get a Scriptural conception of the reality and possibility of such a life. The Scriptures speak of:

1. The sanctification of Christ, John 10:36; 17:19; as His setting apart as a servant and the sacrifice for sin.

2. The sanctification of believers unto God. I Cor. 1:2; II Thess. 2:13; I Thess. 4:3.

The sanctification of believers is two-fold, viz.:

1. That which is wrought for them, or sanctification past and perfect. I Cor. 1:2; 6:11, R. V.; Acts 20:32; 26:18. The work of God the Father, Jude 1, and Christ the son, Heb. 2:11; Eph. 5:26.

2. That which is wrought in them, or sanctification experimental and practical, wrought by God the Father. IThess.5:23,by the Holy Spirit, Rom. 15:16, by the blood, Heb. 13:12 and through the Word, John 17:17.

            The divine injunctions to the regenerated child of God are, to sanctify Christ in his heart as Lord I Pet. 3:15; to present his body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, Rom. 12:1; to mortify his members which are upon earth, Col. 3:5; for they who are Christ's have crucified

the flesh with the affections and lusts, Gal. 5:24; Rom. 6:6; to put off the old man with his deeds and to put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness, Eph. 4:22, 24; Col. 3:9, 10; to reckon himself dead indeed unto sin and alive unto God. Rom. 6:11; Gal. 2:20; to yield himself unto God for service, Rom. 6:13, 16; that he may have his fruit unto holiness, Rom. 6:22, being made pure in heart, Matt. 5:8; Acts 15:9, and a partaker of the

divine nature, II Pet. 1:4.

            The believer endeavoring to lead a holy life is warned against conformity to the world, Rom. 12:2; against unequal yokes and unholy alliances, II Cor. 6:14-17, and against teachers and holders of evil doctrines, II John 9, 11. He is also commanded to be filled with the Spirit and to walk in the Spirit, Eph. 5:18; Gal. 5:16: to be holy in all manner of life, I Pet. 1:15, 16; to follow after holiness, Heb. 12:14 and to cleanse himself from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God, II Cor. 7:1.

            Because He that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified all of one, Heb. 2:11: Therefore the children of God are called saints or holy ones, holy brethren, and holy men of God, Rom. 1:7; Heb. 3:1; II Pet. 1:21. Thus sanctification is both instantaneous and progressive, and is necessary for Christian life and service, and the preparation of the saints for the inheritance among them that are sanctified, Acts 20:32.

            Resolutions No. 2 from the Indiana and Ohio Conference and No. 2 from the Michigan Conference relative to the Conditional and unconditional ministry were considered.

            Resolved, That the Discipline remain as it is.

            Rev. W. H. Bailey, pastor of Baptist Church Deckerville, Mich., and Rev. W. E. Hall, pastor of Baptist church, Melvin, Mich., were introduced to Conference.

            Resolutions on the revision of the Reading Course from various Conferences were considered together.

            Resolutions No. 3 from Indiana and Ohio Conference, No. 3 from Michigan Conference, No. 2 from Nebraska, and No. 4 from Canadian North West Conference were submitted to Committee.

            Committee: A. B. Yoder, C. N. Good, E. N. Cassel, C. I. Scott, J. S. Wood, B. Bryan Musselman, F A. Jones, A. G. Warder, N. W. Rich, W. H. Moore, A. Traub and J. A. Huffman.

            Recommendation No. 4 from Michigan Conference relative to Fire Insurance was considered.

            It was moved by J. S. Wood and Seconded by F. A. Jones that this recommendation be withdrawn.

            Recommendation No. 1 from Nebraska relative to Home Mission Board was next considered.

            Resolved, That we refer this to Committee appointed to formulate rules governing office of ministering sisters.

            Resolution No. 3 from the Nebraska Conference relative to membership application blanks was withdrawn by request of the delegates from the above Conference.

            Resolved, That the time be extended indefinitely.

            Resolved, That resolution No. 4 from the Nebraska Conference relative to commissioning Gospel workers was considered and after some deliberation the following resolution was passed.

            Whereas, The request has been brought to this respective Conference with reference to qualify workers, who claim a call to public work, in preaching, prayer or song, who are unconditional to their conferences, that in such a case a respective conference shall have right to give such workers an approved license, after duly examining them.

            Moved to adjourn and meet again at the call of the Chair.


            Prayer by A. Detweiler.


Tuesday Afternoon

            Conference convened at the call of the chair at 4:00 P. M;

            Song and prayer by J. S. Wood.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes read and approved.

            Report of Auditing Committee

            We beg leave to report that we have examined the account of the Treasurer of the Executive Committee, Secretary's Financial Report, Treasurer of General Conference Fund, and the report on statistics and find them correct, except it appears that the Treasurer of the General Conference Fund has charged himself with $12.70 more than he credits himself, which amount, according to his report is balanced.

Committee :

M. Bricker

J. A. Huffman

S. Bartlett

F. M. Hottel

J. A. Sherk

J. A. Avery

            Report accepted.

            Report of the Committee on Revision of the Reading Course

            We recommend that the Reading Course for Probationers be as follows:



            "All about the Bible," by Sidney Collett.

            "Lesson in Holiness," or "Inheritance Restored.,”

            "Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation," Chap. 1-5.

            "Newman's Church History," (First half of Vol. 1.)



            "Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation, Chap. 6-12.

            "Newman's-Church History" (Second half of Vol. 1.)

            "Reformed Pastor."

            "Divine Art of Preaching."

            "Knowing the Scriptures" Chap. 1-27 inclusive.



            "Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation" Chap. 13 to end.

            "Newman's Church History" Vol. 2.

            "Nelson on Infidelity."

            "Fletcher's Appeal."

"Knowing the Scriptures." Chap. 28 to end.

            "Jesus is Coming," by W. E. B.

            Optional with Annual Conferences, "Fields Theology" or "Knowing the Scriptures," in second and third years.

            We recommend that "History of Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church", be read during the first year.

            "Holiness and the Human Element," by Baldwin be read during the second year.

            “The Holy Spirit by Wilson," T. Hogue be read during the third year.

Committee :

A. B. Yoder

B. Bryan Musselman

E. N. Cassel

C. I. Scott

W. H. Moore

J. S. Wood

A. Traub

A. G. Warder

F. A. Jones

C. N. Good

N. W. Rich

J. A. Huffman

            Report accepted.

Committee on Recommendations

            We beg leave to report as follows:

            On appeals No. 2 from Ontario and number 1 from Michigan Conference relative to Sister Workers.

            Inasmuch as conditions in the several conferences are so different; concerning the relation of its Sister Workers to the Conference; and in view of this fact, we deem it unwise to pass any rule governing this– therefore,

            We recommend that each Annual Conference be permitted to legislate according to its needs.

            Inasmuch as an appeal has come from the Nebraska Conference for a United Home Mission effort and from the Canadian North Western Conference for a Bishop or Traveling Superintendent and after due consideration.

            We recommend that we encourage the stronger Conferences to help the weaker ones by sending evangelists or other help to assist them in their needs, wherever practical, and that the Home Mission interest be left to the Home Mission Committees of the various Conferences.

Committee :

S. Goudie

J. S. Wood

H. B. Musselman

A. B. Yoder

A. Traub

C. I. Scott

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That Article XXIX. The Judgment, be replaced by the following:

            The Scriptures tell us that the believer has been judged as a sinner at the cross of Christ and shall not come into judgment for he is passed out of death into life. Jno. 5:24 R. V.; as a child in the family of God, he is being judged and chastened during his lifetime. Heb. 12:5-8; I Pet. 4:17; I Cor. 11:30-32; and as a servant, he shall be judged at the judgment seat of Christ after the rapture, I Cor. 4:2-5; II Cor. 5:10; Rom. 14:10; I Cor. 3:13-15.

            The Son of man shall come in His glory and stand upon the Mount of Olives and will judge the nation. Zech. 14:1-3; Psa. 96:13; Matt. 25:31-46, and vindicates His people Israel.

            At the close of the miillennium God will cast the devil into the Lake of Fire, Rev. 20:10, and He will sit upon the great white throne and judge the wicked dead. Rev. 20:11-12 and cast death and hell into the Lake of Fire. Rev. 20:14; and bring forth the new heavens and new earth. II Pet. 3:13.

            Whereas, The Executive Committee was informed during the year that the Defenseless Mennonite Church was considering the consolidation of their church periodical with that of some church of like faith. They took steps to call their attention to the Gospel Banner. Not having power to take final action, they could make no offer, except in a tentative way, therefore–

            Resolved, That this Conference authorize the Executive Committee elected at this session to make whatever arrangement they deem advisable for the consolidation of the church organ of the Defenseless Mennonite Church with the Gospel Banner; but that no arrangement or contract be made which does not have the complete approval of the Editor of the Gospel Banner, and the Publisher.

            Resolved, That this resolution be labled.


            Prayer by N. W. Rich.


Tuesday Evening

            Meeting was called at 6:30.

            Song; Prayer by F. A. Jones.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of Fifteenth Meeting were read and approved.

            Resolved, That we have one thousand journals printed and apportion the same among the several Conferences according to membership.

            Resolved, That the resolution relative to the election of the General servants be lifted.

            Resolved, That we take an informal Ballot for Editor.

            W. H. Moore and C. N. Wood were appointed tellers.

            Report of the Committee on Resolutions.

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, The Pastor of the Brown City congregation brother R. W. Herber and his people have spared no labor and sacrifice in providing so abundantly and lovingly for the entertainment of this General Conference, therefore

            Resolved, That we express our appreciation of their kindness and hospitality shown unto us by arising vote of thanks and pray that God's richest blessings may rest upon them and prosper them.

C. I. Scott

            Whereas, Our Chairman, Brother H. B. Musselman has so fairly and judiciously presided over this General Conference Session giving due considerations to every Conference and to each speaker, guiding us with fairness in his decisions through the perplexing questions that presented themselves therefore,

            Resolved, That we greatly appreciate his safe counsel and his patient forbearance with us during the deliberations and pray that the blessings of God may rest upon him physically and spiritually.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott.

            Report accepted.

Report of the Committee on Resolutions

            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, Brother A. B. Yoder, the secretary of this General Conference has a great deal of work in recording the proceedings of this General Conference Session and in the editing and publishing of the General Conference Journal. therefore be it,

            Resolved, That we donate him twenty-five dollars for his services, the same be included in the expenses of the printing and mailing of said Journal.

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott.

            Resolved, That we elect an editor.

            Resolved, That an informal vote be taken for Editor.

            The following candidates were named as a result of the informal ballot: J. A. Huffman, A. B. Yoder, C. I. Scott and C. H. Brunner.

            J. A. Huffman requested to withdraw his name from the list of nominees.

            Request was granted.

            A. B. Yoder was elected.

            Resolved, That the Editing of the Sunday School supplies be left in the hands of the Executive Committee.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet in private session at 8:00 A. M.


            Prayer by S. Goudie.


Wednesday Morning

            Opened by song. Prayer by C. I. Huffman and S. Bartlett.

            W. H. Moore read Romans 15:1-7 and made some very appropriate remarks in connection therewith.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of Sixteenth meeting were read and approved.

            Resolved, That the tabled resolution relative to the Pennsylvania Conferences responsibility to the Gospel Banner and the resolution relative to the authority of the Executive Committee in its relation to the Defenseless Mennonite Church paper, be lifted.

            Resolved, That the time be extended.

            In view of the fact that there are misunderstandings existing among us.

            Resolved, That on request those who have knowledge of these things to express themselves fairly in regard to those matters with view to adjustment.

            Whereas, Statements have been made by members of the various Conferences that greatly reflected upon the Pennsylvania Conference as a body and as a result there has been a mutual loss of confidence and feeling greatly grieved at all that has been said and done that has caused any misjudgment in the minds of any one that would cause prejudice against the Pennsylvania Conference, and further since hearing their statements relative to the questions of doctrine, and finding no serious differences be it

            Resolved, That we exhonorate the Pennsylvania Conference and that in the future we manifest brotherly love and as delegates to the Conference do our utmost to restore confidence and correct any wrong impressions that may have gone out.

C. I. Scott.

I. Pike

            Resolved, To adjourn and meet again in private meeting


            Prayer by A. Traub.


Wednesday Afternoon

            Opened by song. Prayer by A. G. Warder.

            Roll Call.

            Minutes of previous meeting read and received.

            Report of Committee on Resolutions

            We beg leave to submit the following resolution:

            Whereas, Rev. J. Kirn pastor of the Evangelical Church and his congregation have so kindly granted us the privilege to hold our special meetings in their church during this session of General Conference– therefore–

            Resolved, That we greatly appreciate the favors shown unto us by the pastor and congregation of said church and pray that the blessing of God may rest upon them in an abundant measure and further,

            Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be sent to the pastor, Rev. J. Kirn and his official board.

Committee :

C. N. Good

C. H. Brunner

C. I. Scott

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That a committee be appointed to examine J. N. Pannabecker on Doctrine.

            Committee appointed: S. Cressman, C. T. Scott, C. N. Good, W. H. Moore.

            Resolved, That we suspend business to call of Chair.

            At 3:00 P. M. business was resumed.

            Report of Committee on Examining Bro. J. N. Pannabecker

            We beg leave to report as follows.

            We have examined J. N. Pannabecker, on doctrine and find him in harmony with the Discipline and fully subscribing to Article XII as it now stands and also as it was before revision at this General Conference.

Committee :

S. Cressman, chairman

C. I. Scott. secretary

C. N. Good

J. S. Wood

W. H. Moore

C. H. Brenner

F. A. Jones

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we reconsider the revising of Sec. 13, chapter 4 of the Discipline.

            Resolved, That the first paragraph shall read as follows:

            The executive Committee shall consist of ordained unconditional ministers, members of General Conference.

            Lay delegates may also be elected if General Conference representatives of any Conference or Conferences should so desire. Each General Conference from time to time shall determine the number of members from the various Conferences according to the membership of the respective Conferences.

            The Chairman of this committee shall be elected from among the ordained ministers who are members of this Committee.

            Vacancies of the above Committee, if such occur for any reason, may be filled by the remaining members of the committee from among the members of the last General Conference.

            Resolved, That the Executive Committee for the next quadrennium shall consist of members as follows:

            Pennsylvania Conference, three; Ontario Conference, three; Indiana and Ohio Conference three; Michigan Conference, two; Nebraska Conference one.

            Resolved, That the Pacific Conference be represented on the Executive Committee by the Nebraska Committeeman, and the Canadian North Western Conference be represented by Ontario Committeemen.

            Resolved, That each Annual Conference delegation, respectively, in General Conference, may, by ballot nominate their candidates to which they are entitled for the Executive Committee, and this body elect them, General Conference shall however, also have the right in general to nominate.

            Resolved, That each Conference representatives on Executive Committee be elected seperately.

            The following were elected as Executive Committee:

            H. B. Musselman, W. G. Gehman, C. H. Brunner, S. Goudie, S. Cressman, I. Pike, A. B. Yoder, Anth. B. Yoder, W. H. Moore, O. B. Snyder, J. S. Wood, C. I. Scott.

            Resolved, That we approve of this election.

            Resolved, That we lift an offering for the Assistant Secretary.

Amount of offering                                                                      $13.98

            Resolved, That on page 85, paragraph 4, line 8, the word "majority" take the place of the word, "'five."

            Resolved, That time be extended indefinitely.

            A. Detweiler, delegate to this Conference asked to be excused from rest of Conference.

            Request was granted.

            Resolved, That the next General Conference convene in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the first Wednesday in November, 1928, at 9:00 o'clock A. M.

            Resolved, That the new Executive Committee be authorized to act in the merging of the Defenseless Mennonites paper with the Banner.

            Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized to publish new disciplines containing the revised schedule.

            Resolved, That the Executive Committee be recognized as the publishers.

            Resolved, That the Editor nominate two persons from each Conference, from whom the General Conference shall elect one from each Conference, as Associate Editors.

            The following were elected: C. H. Brunner, S. Goudie, J. Hygema, J. A. Huffinan, J. S. Wood, A. Traub and A. Barbazet.

            Resolved, That a Committee on Church union be elected.

            Committee: C. Goudie, N. W. Rich, B. A. Sherk, J. A. Huffman, and A. B. Yoder.

            Resolved, That a Directory of General Conference members be included in Journal.

            Resolved, That the names and addresses of all foreign Missionaries being supported by the various Conferences be included in the Journal.

            Resolved, That C. I. Scott be elected by this Conference to visit the Pacific Conference at its next Annual Conference and that he be given $200.00 for this purpose. Same to be apportioned amongst the several Annual Conferences.


            We beg leave to report the following:

            Whereas, There was no representative from the Pacific Conference present at this General Conference, therefore

            Resolved, That we regret that there was no one present from that Conference and further

            Resolved, That we sympathize with them in their perplexing questions and conditions, and pledge ourselves to pray for them, that the Lord may bless them and that they press on courageously, and be true to the Lord– and further–

            Resolved, That we pray the Lord to lay the matter upon some one's heart to go and help them out.

Committee :

C. N. Good

O. B. Snyder.

            Report accepted.

            Resolved, That we adjourn to meet at Allentown, at 9:00 A. M., November 1st, 1928.

Signatures :

H. B. Musselman, 507 2nd Ave., Bethlehem, Pa., Chairman.

A. B. Yoder, 727 Wolf Ave., Elkhart, Ind., Secretary.

Isaac Pike, Stouffville, R. 4, Ont., Ass't. Secretary.

C. N. Good, 53 Cameron St. N., Kitchener, Ont.

M. Bricker, Toronto, 527 Euclid Ave.

J. Thompson, Owen Sound, Ont., Box 111.

F. A. Jones, 526 Woodworth St., Bad Axe, Mich.

J. H. Sherk, R. R. 3, Kitchener, Ont.

Amos Detweiler, Brown City, Mich.

H. M. Metzger, Springfield, O., R. 7.

T. R. Young, Clarinda, Iowa, R. 4.

A. G. Warder, Stouffville, Ont.

B. Bryan Musselman, 529 N. Eighth St., Allentown, Pa.

E. N. Cassel, Gratersford, Pa.

W. G. Gehman, 1136 Northampton St., Easton, Pa.

F. M. Hottel, 125 W. Laurel St., Bethlehem, Pa.

G. O. Billig, 941 Liberty St., Allentown, Pa.

Anthony B. Yoder, Wakarusa, Ind.

C. H. Brunner, 3848, N. Park Ave., Phila, Pa.

S. Cressman, 50 Pandora Ave., Kitchener, Ont.

Albert W. Kitchin, Cass City, R. 3.

Wm. Brown, Vineland, Ontario.

A. Traub, Didsbury, Alta.

C. I. Huffman, Goshen, Ind.

J. A. Huffman, 302 Morton Blvd., Marion, Ind.

P. Ward Musselman, 523 N. Lumber St., Allentown, Pa.

S. Bartlett, 806 W. Indiana Ave., Elkhart, Ind.

Allen M. Gehman, Macungie, Pa.

J. A. Freed, Wakarusa, Ind.

J. A. Avery, Elkton, Mich.

H. H. Bergey, 133 2nd St., Quakertown, Pa.

W. H. Moore, 202 N. 9th St., Goshen, Ind.

S. Goudie, Stouffville, Ontario.

J. P. Michael, 915 S. 7th St., Goshen, Ind.

A. L. Neff, Greenville, O., R. R. 4.

J. S. Wood, 940 Crescent Place, Port Huron, Mich.

C. I. Scott, Milford, Nebr.

O. B. Snyder, Battle Creek, Mich., Emmet St.