History of the BFC

Contained here are a series of papers presented at the meetings of the Historical Society of the Bible Fellowship Church as well as other significant documents from our past.

Biographies of Individuals

There are many noteworthy prominent faces and names in the history of the Bible Fellowship Church – HB Musselman, William Gehman, and Jonas Yeakel Schultz, to name a few. Supplied are biographical accounts of these characters’ lives.

Study Committee Papers

The Annual Conference often establishes study committees when it wishes to carefully examine an issue. These study committees do extensive and intensive examination of biblical evidence on the assigned topic and report back to the Annual Conference. These reports are normally recorded and provide a record to explain why a certain position or practice was chosen. Because of the care of the committees and the review of Annual Conference, these reports are valuable even today.

Writings from Our Pastors

Some of our pastors prepared tracts or reprinted some of their sermons. Some made presentations that allowed them to learn from each other. They give you a taste of what was of interest and concern in our church.

Papers on Evangelism and Church Growth

Papers Presented at the Ministerial Convention – May 21-22, 1968 and April 24-26, 1972

World Outreach Discussions

A group of papers presented in 1967 to help the BFC think through its obligation in foreign missions.

Histories of Local Churches

Papers on the histories of our varied local churches.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Are you looking for some material you might use for a small group or Sunday School class? These lessons integrate the Bible Fellowship Church’s doctrinal positions with their development. How and why the doctrinal positions changed will offer great opportunity for discussion and interaction. Check out our curriculum, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”.


Our archive of audio and video recordings.

Yearbook Statistics

Lists of information recorded from C.H. Brunner’s yearbooks, and other listings.

Minutes of Conference

Every year, our church meets for an Annual Conference, now called BFC Conference. We have catalogued all our minutes since 1896. We have also archived minutes from Ministerial Convention and the minutes of the four-year General Conference from 1879 to 1951.

Our Faith and Order: Doctrines and Disciplines

What we now call the Faith and Order used to be called the Doctrines and Disciplines. This is a library of many of the versions of this document. The Scriptures alone have been a hallmark of Anabaptist faith since the 1500’s, yet in subordination to the Bible, our Faith and Order / Doctrines and Disciplines are a major part of what makes us us.

Our Biographical Lists