1909 Ministerial Convention Minutes



The Twentieth Annual Ministerial Convention of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, of Pennsylvania, convened in the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, Gordon street above Eighth, Allentown, Pa., on October 13th, 1909, at 9.15 A. M.

The Convention was called to order by the chairman, C. H. Brunner, and opened with singing and prayer by J. C. Roth.

The following members were enrolled:

Ministers present: H. B. Musselman, W. G. Gehman, J. C. Roth, E. N. Cassel, R. L. Woodring, C. H. Brunner, J. G. Shireman, W. S. Hottel, R. Bergstresser, W. W. Zimmerman, J. F. Barrall, E. E. Kublic, V. H. Reinhart, E. T. Shick, W. J. Fretz, F. M. Hottel, H. K. Kratz, O. S. Hillegass, C. W. Stine, P. J. Musselman, L. B. Taylor, G. A. Campbell.

Ministers absent: W. B. Musselman, Wm. Gehman.

Delegates present: H. H. Bergey, John Ziegler, S. S. Geil, John Overdorf, M. M. Ziegler, J. H. Baus, S. H. Lichtenthaler, Julius Kern, W. D. Evert, O. C. Kistler, H. L. Musselman, Howard Shelly, G. K. Himmelreich, Allen M. Gehman, H. E. Gackenbach.

Delegates absent: Francis Gehman, James Oplinger, R. D. Dreisbach.

The minutes of the last Annual Ministerial Convention were then read and approved with a few slight corrections.

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a committee of three on publication. He appointed J. C. Roth, C. W. Stine and E. N. Cassel.

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a committee of three to deal with absent members. H. B. Musselman, W. G. Gehman, E. T. Shick were appointed.

Resolved, That the seats to the right and left of the Chair and the two front seats through the Church constitute the convention bar.

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a reporter and a time-keeper. W. J. Fretz was appointed reporter and Geo. A. Campbell timekeeper.

Resolved, That no one shall be allowed to speak on any subject longer than fifteen minutes and only once except by permission of the chair, except H. B. Musselman this morning.

Resolved, That a11 annual conference members be members of this Convention and all workers present be advisory members.

Resolved, That no one shall be allowed to leave the Conference without the permission of the Chair except E. N. Cassel.

A Talk on the Ministry by H. B. Musselman was then given which was very instructive and interesting.

Resolved, That we lift an offering to defray the expenses of this Convention.

Resolved, That we hold another Ministerial Convention one day prior to the next Annual Conference and at the same place.

The following officers were then elected by open vote:

Chairman, J. G. Shireman; Secretary, E. T. Shick; Committee on Programme, H. B. Musselman, Chairman; W. G. Gehman; Secretary, and J. C. Roth.

Adjourned with prayer by E. T. Shick and benediction by W. G. Gehman.

Afternoon Session, 1.45 P. M.

The afternoon session was opened at 1.45 P. M. by singing and prayer by H. B. Musselman, after which the roll was called and the minutes of the forenoon session read and approved.

The following committee report was submitted and accepted.

Committee to deal with absent members.

Whereas, the Brethren, W. B. Musselman and Wm. Gehman of the ministers and a few of the delegates are not present at this convention and not having learned the cause of their absence. Therefore be it

Resolved, That we as a convention are sorry to miss their presence and wise counsel and wish to commend them to the God of all grace; and further be it

Resolved, That the Convention is highly pleased to have so many of the annual conference show their interest by their presence and are sorry that not all have manifested interest enough to be present and receive the benefits of the convention.

H. B. Musselman,

W. G. Gehman,

E. T. Shick,


A discussion entitled, “Our Home Missionary Work” was then opened by W. G. Gehman, which was further discussed.

E. H. Kistler, pastor of Bethany United Evangelical Church, of Allentown, was then introduced to the Convention.

Resolved, That we lift a liberal offering for the labor and expenses of the secretary.

Which amounted to $5.05. “Thanks.”

A discussion entitled “Prevailing Prayer” was then opened by W. S. Hottel, which was further discussed.

Resolved, That we excuse Bro. H. B. Musselman from being present this evening.

Adjourned with prayer by E. N. Cassel and benediction by H. B. Musselman.

Evening Session, 7.30 PM.

The evening session was opened at 7.30 P. M., by singing and prayer by W. G. Gehman, after which the roll was called and the minutes of the afternoon session read and received.

A discussion entitled, “The Call to the Ministry,” was opened by C. H. Brunner, which was further discussed.

Resolved, That we tender a rising vote of thanks to the members of the Allentown class for their kindness and hospitality shown to us during this Convention.

The Committee on Publication submitted the following report which was accepted:

We recommend the following for publication in the “Gospel Banner :”

The twentieth Annual Ministerial Convention convened in Bethel Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, Gordon street, Allentown, Pa, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1909. Nearly all the ministers as well as a large part of the delegates were present. The discussions were very interesting and instructive. The talk on the Ministry, by Presiding Elder H. B. Musselman, was especially interesting and edifying and a number of points of an important character were dwelt on. The Convention was a great blessing to the Ministry as well as to all present. The attendance throughout the entire convention was large and a deep interest manifested.

J. C. Roth,

C. W. Stine,

E. N. Cassel,


The minutes of the evening session were read and received.

The Convention adjourned by prayer by J. G. Shireman and benediction by E. N. Cassel.

C. H. Brunner, Chairman.

J. F. Barrall, Secretary.

H. B. Musselman,

J. C. Roth,

R. L. Woodring,


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