1911 Ministerial Convention Minutes



The Twenty-second Annual Ministerial Convention of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ of Pennsylvania, convened in the Walnut Street Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church in Royersford, Pa., Wednesday, October 11, 1911, at 9:15 a. m.

The Convention was called to order by the Chairman, R. Bergstresser, and opened by singing. The Chairman then read I Corinthians 13 and the Convention was led in prayer by W.S. Hottel.

The following Ministers were enrolled:

H. B. Musselman, W. G. Gehman, C. H. Brunner, E. N. Cassel, W. S. Hottel, W. J. Fretz, E. T. Shick, J. G. Shireman, R. L. Woodring, J. F. Barrall, R. Bergstresser W. W. Zimmerman, 0. S. Hillegass, F. M. Hottel, J. C. Roth, H. K. Kratz, P. J. Musselman, E. E. Kublic, V. H. Reinhart, F. E. Frey, M. W. Ettinger, G. A. Campbell, L. B. Taylor, W. B. Musselman, Wm. Gehman.

The following Delegates were enrolled:

H. L. Musselman, G. O. Billig, John Ziegler, A. A. Wismer, Leidy Sell, Allen M. Gehman; H. H. Bergey, W. D. Evert, S. S. Geil, S. H. Lichtenthaler, Thomas Fehnel, John G. Weiss, Wm. Haag, H. G. Brunner, Maurice E. Brownback, John Eaches, G. K. Himmelreich, Howard E. Gackenbach.

Ministers Absent: L. B. Taylor, W. B. Musselman, G. A. Campbell, Wm. Gehman.

Delegates Absent: Wm. Haag, H. G. Brunner, Maurice. E. Brownback, John Eaches, G. K. Himmelreich, Howard Gackenbach.

The minutes of the Last Annual Ministerial Convention were read and approved.

Resolved, That we enroll all the members of the Convention and report all absent ones as they appear present.

Resolved, That the seats to the right and left of the Chair and the first three pews throughout the Church constitute the Convention Bar.

Resolved, That no one shall be allowed to speak on any subject longer than fifteen minutes, and only once except by permission of the Chair.

Resolved, That all Annual Conference members, be members of this Convention, and all workers present be advisory members.

Resolved, That the Chairman appoint a committee of three on Publication.

He appointed E. N. Cassel, J. G. Shireman and J. F. Barrall.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to deal with absent members.

W. G. Gehman, C. H. Brunner, R. L. Woodring, were appointed.

Resolved, That the Chair appoint a timekeeper and reporter.

He appointed F. E. Frey, reporter and V. H. Reinhart, timekeeper.

Next was a talk to the Ministry by Presiding Elder H. B. Musselman. The message was very inspiring and edifying, much truth was presented in the message, which is so much needed in these perilous days.

Resolved, That we lift an offering to defray the expenses of this Convention.

Resolved, That we hold another Ministerial Convention, one day prior to the Next Annual Conference, and at the same place.

Adjourned with prayer by W. G. Gehman and benediction by H. B. Musselman.


The afternoon session was opened at 2 p. m., by singing and prayer led by J. G. Shireman.

The roll was called and the minutes of the forenoon session were read and received.

Note.- WHEREAS, R. D. Dreisbach, Alternate Delegate, has arrived, therefore,

Resolved, That he be received into this Convention and that he take his seat within the Convention Bar.

Father Gehman was present in the afternoon session.

The following committee report was submitted and adopted:

Committee on Absentees.-

The committee has learned with sorrow that the Ministers G. A. Campbell and L. B. Taylor are unable to be present at this Convention on account of their physical condition. May the Lord greatly bless them.

We are also very sorry for the absence of our Missionary Presiding Elder W. B. Musselman, as we would greatly appreciate his presence and counsel.

We feel it a great privilege to have with us our venerable Father Wm. Gehman whom the Lord has spared so many years and hope God will make him a great blessing to the church yet.

Further, We are very well pleased to see so many of the Delegates present, to enjoy the benefits of the Convention.

We are, however, sorry that several of them were not or could not be present and trust that in the future the interest of the Delegates may increase yet more.

W. G. Gehman,

C. H. Brunner,

R. L. Woodring,


An essay entitled “Loyalty,” by Elder F. M. Hottel, and an essay entitled, “The Church of Christ in These Perilous Days,” by Elder W. J. Fretz, were read and ably discussed and received.

Resolved, ‘That we lift an offering for the labor and expenses of the Secretary which amounted to $3.85. “Thanks.”

Resolved, That we elect the officers for the next Convention, by nomination and open vote these were elected: E. N. Cassel, Chairman; W. J. Fretz, Secretary.

Resolved, That we elect a committee on program.

The following were elected: H. B. Musselman, Chairman; W. G. Gehman, Secretary; C. H. Brunner,

The Committee on Publication reported as follows:

We recommend the following to be published in the “Gospel Banner.”

The Twenty-second Annual Ministerial Convention of the Pennsylvania Conference convened in the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Chapel, Royersford, Pa, on Wednesday, October 11, 1911.

All of the active Ministerial Brethren were present, together with a large, number of the Delegates. The address to the Ministry by our Presiding Elder H. B. Musselman was very instructive, edifying and elevating to the spiritual minded and appreciated much by the Ministry and all present.

The essays on “Loyalty” by F. M. Hottel, and “The. Church of Christ in These Perilous Days,” by W. J. Fretz, were both very comprehensive and instructive, and worthy of publication, but we did not desire to take up the valuable space in the columns of our worthy “Gospel Banner.”

The discussions were well taken advantage of by many, and good points brought out, altogether the Convention was a glorious success and a great inspiration to the Ministry and all present.

E. N. Cassel,

J. G. Shireman,

J. F. Barrall,


Resolved, That we tender a rising vote of thanks to the Royersford and Spring City class for their kindness and hospitality shown us during this Convention.

Adjourned with prayer by W. S. Hottel and benediction by W. G. Gehman.

The evening services were grand and glorious. The house was filled with eager listeners.

The message delivered by W. S. Hottel was glorious and powerful, full of Bible truth and comfort for the believers, he was followed by Presiding Elder H. B. Musselman, who spoke on the same subject.

R. Bergstresser, Chairman.

W. W. Zimmerman, Secretary,

H. B. Musselman,

C. H. Brunner,

W. G. Gehman,


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