2012 Report of Ministerial Relations Committee

Report of the

Ministerial Relations Committee

And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets,

and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers,

 for the equipping of the saints for the work of service,

 to the building up of the body of Christ”

Ephesians 4:11-12

            The work of the Ministerial Relations Committee is to come alongside churches in the process of finding a pastor as well as those in the process of saying goodbye to a pastor.  Additionally, we seek to promote healthy relationships between churches and their pastoral staff. This year, many of our churches have called a pastor to shepherd them. 

            The committee met three times since the last BFC Conference. Additionally, numerous meetings took place at churches between committee representatives and pastors, elders, and pastoral search committees. We thank God for the spirit of camaraderie the committee and local church leaders share in our interactions. 

            The following resignations took place according to our rules this year:

                 Church                                   Pastor                              Effective Date

            Paradise, PA                           Shan D. Cleck                         June 26, 2011

            Harrisburg, PA                       Carl K. Spackman                  June 30, 2100

            Wissinoming, PA                   G. Wayne Clapier                   September 25, 2011

            Harleysville, PA                     R. Scott Wright                       September 30, 2011

            Quakertown, PA                     Joshua P. Miller                      December 31, 2011

The following calls were issued according to our rules this year:

                 Church                                   Pastor                              Effective Date

            Church Extension                   David A. Smith                       February 11, 2011

            Hellertown, PA                       Timothy M. Zuck                   May 8, 2011

            Woodbury Heights, NJ           Daniel L. Williams                 June 12, 2011

            Bethlehem, PA                        Jason L. Hoy                          July 25, 2011

            Church Extension                   Keith A. Strunk                      September 1, 2011

            Wissinoming, PA                   Justin L. Hunter                      September 25, 2011

            Church Extension                   R. Scott Wright                       October 1, 2011

            Church Extension                   Ronald B. Smith                     October 1, 2011

            Las Cruces, NM                     Joshua M. Allen                      October 2, 2011

            Blandon, PA                           Jordan K. Eyster                     November 8, 2011

            Harrisburg, PA                       Joshua P. Miller                      January 1, 2012

            Zionsville, PA                        Bryan C. McNally                  January 1, 2012

            Reading, PA (Grace)              Matthew L. Lynskey              February 5, 2012

            The following churches are seeking a pastor (either a senior pastor or other pastoral staff member): Bethlehem, PA; Camden, DE; Carmel, NY; Coopersburg, PA; Long Neck, DE; Paradise, PA; Royersford, PA; Toms River, NJ; Walnutport, PA.

            The Lord has faithfully provided pulpit supply and interim pastoral ministry in each of these churches. However, we beseech the BFC family to pray for God’s provision of a pastor for each church according to the BFC Principles of Order.

            Conference Pastor Ronald C. Mahurin has completed his eleventh year of service in this strategic office. The committee expresses its appreciation for his faithful service to our brothers in the pastorate.

            The committee reminds our churches of two resource booklets: Guidelines for the Pastoral Relations Committee, and Guidelines for the Pastoral Search Committee. Copies are available from our committee chairman, Byron Widger.

            The Committee makes the following recommendation to the 129th BFC Conference:

Resolved, that the recommended minimum salary for a BFC Pastor in the U.S. be $35,000 for 2012, and further,

Resolved, that in addition to his salary, the church must provide a sum equal to the pastor’s Social Security tax, parsonage and/or housing allowance (which would include utilities, repair costs, etc.), health insurance, and provision should be made for reimbursement for allowable car and professional expenses. The church must also contribute a minimum of 3% of the pastor’s salary for retirement to the ministers’ annuity fund, plus an additional 1% match if the pastor is voluntarily contributing 1%.

Ministerial Relations Committee: Byron Widger, Chairman; Timothy J. Schmoyer, Secretary; Randall A. Grossman, Steven J. Kauffman, Ronald W. Reed, L. James Roberts, Jr., William G. Schlonecker.

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