2012 Report of Nominations

Report of the

Nominating Committee

Conference Nominees for 129th BFC Conference with Introductions:

BFC Executive Board

            One Pastor

Steven J. DelDuco – Pastor at Grace BFC, Harrisburg, PA; previously Pastor of New Life BFC, Carmel, NY

David A. Thomann – Incumbent – Pastor at Faith BFC, Lancaster, PA; previously Secretary of BFC Conference

Two Elders

Robert T. Evans – Incumbent – Elder at Grace BFC, Wallingford, PA; Director of Bible Centered Ministries, Int.

David R. Vinson – Elder at Calvary BFC, Coopersburg, PA; Retired chemist with Air Products, Professor Tufts University

Hans R. Waldvogel – Elder at New Life BFC, Carmel, NY; Director of Engineering at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, NYC; member of Pinebrook Bible Conference Board and Fellowship Community Board

One President

Randall A. Grossman – Incumbent – Pastor at Grace BFC, Reading, PA; Moderator of Annual Conference, President of BFC Executive Board

Robert W. Sloan – Pastor at Calvary BFC, Sinking Spring, PA; Vice President BFC Corporation

Committee on Church Health

            Two Pastors

Clyde D. Bomgardner – Served as Pastor of Calvary BFC, Walnutport, PA; currently with Christ Centered Counseling Ministries

Mark L. Morrison – Serves with Church Extension Ministries; currently interim pastor at New Life BFC, Long Neck, DE

Richard T. Paashaus – Incumbent – Pastor of Worship and Family Ministries at Calvary BFC, Coopersburg, PA; Secretary Committee on Church Health

Carl K. Spackman – Incumbent – Retired Pastor of Grace BFC, Harrisburg, PA; serves on Board of Church Extension

One Elder

John W. Sullivan – Incumbent – Elder at Saucon Community BFC, Hellertown, PA; President Capital Financial Services, Bethlehem, PA

Committee on Credentials

            One Pastor

Ralph M. Soper – Incumbent – Retired Pastor of Paradise BFC, Paradise, PA; Interim Pastor at Royersford BFC, PA

Allan R. Vivona – Pastor at Kutztown Bible Fellowship Church

Committee on Ministerial Candidates

            Two Pastors

Timothy J. Bertolet – Pastor at Pocono Mountain BFC, Mount Pocono, PA

Andrew T. Crossgrove – Incumbent – Pastor at Faith BFC, Harleysville, PA

David E. Gundrum – Incumbent – Director of Church Extension Ministries, Bible Fellowship Church

Joshua P. Miller – Pastor at Grace BFC, Harrisburg; previously on staff at Grace BFC, Quakertown

Committee on Nominations

            One Pastor 

Mark L. Morrison – Serves with Church Extension Ministries; currently interim pastor at New Life BFC, Long Neck, DE

Michael D. Roberts – Director of Chaplaincy Ministries, at Fellowship Community

Daniel L. Williams – Pastor at New Beginnings BFC, Woodbury Heights, NJ

            One Layperson

Mark S. Matson – Incumbent – Elder at Grace BFC, Quakertown, PA; Manager Friendly Bookstore, Quakertown

Harold E. Snyder – Elder at Grace BFC, Harrisburg, PA; business owner and ministry with Bethesda Mission, Harrisburg

Gary A. Sterner – Elder at Calvary BFC, Coopersburg, PA; Retired owner Sterner’s Printing Specialties

Conference Judicatory

            Two Pastors

Dean A. Stortz – Incumbent – Retired Pastor of Church of the Cross, Toms River, NJ; Chaplain Fellowship Community

Gregory A. Ulrich – Incumbent – Pastor at Faith BFC, Lancaster, PA

            Two Elders

Ronald W. Reed – Incumbent – Elder at Grace BFC, Reading, PA; Emergency Room Physician, Reading Hospital

L. James Roberts, Jr. – Incumbent – Elder at Grace BFC, Quakertown, PA; Owner Friendly Sales and Bookstore, Quakertown PA

Special Appellate Judicatory

            One Pastor

John C. Studenroth – Incumbent – Serves with BFC Board of Missions; Elder at Kutztown BFC, Kutztown, PA

One Elder

Charles A. Lavigna – Incumbent – Elder at Grace BFC, Reading PA; Member BFC Executive Board; Independent Businessman

Ministerial Relations Committee

            One Pastor

William G. Schlonecker – Incumbent – Pastor at BFC of Newark, Newark, DE; Serves on BFC Board of Church Extension

            One Elder

Glen LeSuer – Elder at Faith BFC, Harleysville, PA; Sunday School teacher, Sales consultant Ingersoll Rand

Rob Vaughan – Elder at Community BFC, Red Hill, PA; TV News Announcer

Officers of 130th Annual BFC Conference


Randall A. Grossman – Pastor at Grace BFC, Reading, PA; Moderator of Annual Conference, President of Executive Board

Clifford B. Boone – Pastor at Cedar Crest BFC, Allentown, PA

            Vice Moderator         

Man not elected as Moderator


Ronald L. Kohl – Pastor at Grace BFC, Quakertown, PA; Member of the BFC Executive Board and Board of Youth & Young Adults

Nominating Committee: Richard T. Paashaus, Chairman; Vonnette E. Allen, Donald E. Kuntzman, Mark S. Matson, Ralph E. Ritter, Rachel Schmoyer, Philip E. Yerrington.

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