2013 Report of Arrangements

Report of the

Committee on Arrangements

The Committee on Arrangements for the 130th BFC Conference met twice during the Conference year in an ongoing effort to fulfill its purpose of reviewing the mechanics and efficiency of each conference while also seeking to provide hospitality for all who attend.  This is always a work in progress, and the Committee eagerly welcomes any suggestions that may help it to accomplish its objectives.

While the 128th and 129th BFC Conferences featured outstanding guest speakers (Daniel Henderson and Gene Getz, respectively), the Committee determined not to turn to an outside speaker this year and will instead trust in God’s illuminating Word as He works through some of our own pastors.

This year’s Conference will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 22, 2013, and will continue through Wednesday, April 24. We ask that all who will attend be in prayer for a time of growth, fellowship and camaraderie in the Lord.

The Committee continues to see attendance at BFC Conference, the only official gathering of the Bible Fellowship Church’s leadership, as vital to the ministry of the Bible Fellowship Church. We contend that attendance and participation are mandatory and urge that pastors and delegates set aside the necessary time to attend each session. We understand that emergencies sometimes arise but continue to believe that full attendance at BFC Conference is profitable and necessary. With that in mind, we ask that churches continue to strive to have a delegate or alternate delegate in attendance for each meeting.

For the third straight year, BFC Conference may be viewed via the computer through live streaming. This is a wonderful asset, allowing missionaries and others who are interested in the proceedings to view around the globe. Pinebrook will once again provide free internet service throughout Conference.

Orientation materials have been placed in the front of the Report Book that is distributed to each pastor and delegate. We ask that you take time to familiarize yourself ahead of time, both with the orientation materials and with all the contents of the Report Book.

Daniel L. Williams will serve as the Overseer of the Pages and as Head Page. Daniel presently serves as Pastor at New Beginnings BFC in Woodbury Heights, NJ. Davis E. Duggins will once again serve as Registrar.

Understanding that the public reading of the minutes of each session has appeared to have lost its value, takes considerable time and doesn’t appear to move the proceedings along in any great meaningful way, the committee has resolved that the minutes will no longer be read out loud throughout BFC Conference.

However, the decision has been made to expand the committee that examines the minutes from three to five members. Up-to-date minutes throughout the 130th BFC Conference will be published in paper form and will also be posted on the Internet, and the final copy of conference minutes will be displayed on the BFC website as well as in the Yearbook. We hope that these changes will be of benefit to our pastors and delegates.


Resolved, that the 131st BFC Conference be April 28-30, 2014.

Resolved, that committee reports for 131st BFC Conference be sent in digital format to the BFC Executive Board by Feb. 15, 2014. bfcexecbrd@aol.com

Committee on Arrangements for 130th BFC Conference: Ronald L. Kohl, Chairman; Thomas P. Shorb, Secretary; Davis E. Duggins, David T. Allen, Nathan Brosius, Randall A. Grossman, Moderator of 130th BFC Conference; Daniel L. Williams, Overseer of Pages.

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