Camp Meetings

YearPlaceTents[5]PlaceTents [5]PlaceTents [5]PlaceTents [5]
1880Chestnut Hill4
1881Chestnut Hill6
1882Chestnut Hill
1883Chestnut Hill
1884Chestnut Hill
1885Chestnut Hill [2]
1886Chestnut Hill [2]
1887Chestnut Hill
1888Chestnut Hill
1889Chestnut Hill
1890Chestnut Hill
1891Chestnut Hill
1892Chestnut HillRoyersford
1893Chestnut HillSpring CityCatasaqua
1894Chestnut HillSpring City
1895Chestnut HillSpring CityWeissportAnnandale
1896Chestnut HillSpring CityWalnutportAnnandale
1897Chestnut HillSpring CityRittersville
1898QuakertownSpring CityRittersvilleSunbury [3]
1899QuakertownSpring CitySunbury [3]
1900MacungieNorthamptonTerre Hill64
1902Macungie [4]56NorthamptonMohnsville
1903Macungie [4]52NorthamptonReading (East)
1904Wescoesville104Hellertown73Spring City (Bonnie Bray)
1905Wescoesville113Hellertown82Spring City (Bonnie Bray)
1906Wescoesville136Hellertown125Reading (Heiners Springs)
1907Wescoesville122Hellertown145Reading (Spg. Valley)90Shamokin (Bunker Hill)85
1908Wescoesville148Hellertown164Easton (Mt. Carmel Dist.)75Shamokin (Bunker Hill)75
1909Waldheim153Hellertown139Easton (Mt. Carmel Dist.)75
1910Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)167Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)154Easton (Mt. Carmel Dist.)89
1911Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)156Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)160Mizpah Grove (Mt. Carmel Dist.)100Shamokin43
1912Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)163Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)Mizpah Grove (Mt. Carmel Dist.)75Shamokin58
1913Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)165Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)169Mizpah Grove (Mt. Carmel Dist.)76Shamokin71
1914Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)143Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)170Mizpah Grove (Mt. Carmel Dist.)68Shamokin78
1915Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)145Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)174Mizpah Grove (Mt. Carmel Dist.)66Shamokin86
1916Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)155Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)194Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)106
1917Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)162Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)203Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)120Harrisburg65
1918Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)199Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)183Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)105
1919Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)189Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)219Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)126
1920Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)195Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)238Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)128
1921Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)224Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)221Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)136
1922Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)240Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)217Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)126
1923Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)259Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)212Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)174
1924Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)278Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)232Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)155
1925Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)282Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)233Shamokin (Mt. Carmel Dist.)158
1926Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)289Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)265Shamokin (Sham. Dist.)170
1927Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)284Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)263Shamokin (Sham. Dist.)161
1928Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)294Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)241Shamokin (Sham. Dist.)161
1929Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)260Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)235Shamokin (Sham. Dist.)146
1930Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)229Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)222Shamokin (Easton Dist.)147
1931Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)239Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)217Shamokin (Easton Dist.)131
1932Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)226Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)225Shamokin (Easton Dist.)115
1933Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)227Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)200Shamokin (Easton Dist.)124
1934Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)273Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)245Shamokin (Easton Dist.)136
1935Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)237Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)237Shamokin (Easton Dist.)131
1936Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)211Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)199Shamokin (Easton Dist.)151
1937Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)248Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)252Shamokin (Easton Dist.)151
1938Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)260Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)248Shamokin (Easton Dist.)151
1939Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)264Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)264Shamokin (Easton Dist.)156
1940Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)245Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)245Shamokin (Easton Dist.)154
1941Mizpah Grove (Allen. Div.)252Mizpah Grove (Beth. Div.)252Shamokin (Easton Dist.)171
[1] A grove meeting held on Chestnut Hill.
[2] Camp Meeting was also held at Fairview Park, between South Allentown and South Bethlehem in 1895 and 1896.[3] Sunbury Camp Meetings comprised the Church appointments of Mount Carmel and Giraradville and the Gospel Workers Society.[4] The Gospel Workers Society held Camp Meetings at Pine Station, above Williamsport, in 1902, 1903.[5] Where the number of tents is not given, the number could not be ascertained.

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