Gospel Workers Manual



The Discipline of the Gospel Workers 

A Society of Women’s Home Missionaries under the Superintendancy of Elder W.B. Musselman, President.

The Origin Rules and Regulations:

The Lord giveth the word:  “The women that publish the tidings are a great host.”  Revised version Ps. 68:11.

Psalm 68.11.  And it shall come to pass in the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your Sons and your Daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and on my Servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit and they shall prophesy.  Acts 2:17, 18.

He that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification and comfort 1 Cor 14:3 refer to 1 Cor 11:4-5 1 Cor 14:31

Bethlehem Pa 1897


“A brother or sister desiring Quarterly Conference license must be recommended by the class same as other candidates for the ministry and may preach as directed by the Quarterly Conference or the Presiding Elder” Discipline of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ (enacted in 1892).

Since the above has become discipline of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ a goodly number of candidates in the Pennsylvania Conference were licensed at their respective Quarterly Conference to labor under the direction of the Presiding Elder.  Most of them being inexperienced it soon became impossible for one man to personally advise and see after all the Spiritual and temporal affairs, consequently a meeting was called consisting of the Presiding Elder and the local licensed workers under the Presiding Elder which resulted in the organization of a  Home Missionary Society with the Presiding Elder as President adopting the “Articles of Faith” of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ as their Articles of Faith.”   They also mutually agreed upon such rules and regulations as circumstances demanded.

The Origin of the Gospel Workers

Origin of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Home Missionary Society

For some time a general missionary spirit prevailed among the licensed workers of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ, and where as there have been Hall and other revival meetings held in different localities of Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the past with grand results and where as the work is fast spreading, we see the necessity of different rules for the future prosperity of the church and work in general.  Therefore (June 5, 1895 in the hall in Annandale, N.J.) We the undersigned organized ourselves in a “body” to be known as the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Home Missionary Society

W. B. Musselman, Chairman

D. B. Rote, Secretary

W. K.   Ziegler

Agnes Ziegler

W. C. Betz

Lucy Musselman

L. M. Christman

Cora J. Felty

Lydia Weber

Frany Wismer

Elmira C. Dech

Origin of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Women’s Home Missionary Society:

The Society being now composed of Male and Female workers it was decided at (Glen Gardner, N. J. Jan 31st 1896) to form a Women=s Missionary Society under the former rules and regulations consisting of females only (excepting of President) [With the exception of such rules which are only applicable to males].  These rules and regulations were revised and amended at the Quarterly Conference [then the highest authority] at Nazareth, Pa. April 29th 1896.  Signed by:

W.B. Musselman, President and Treasurer

Lizzie M. Christman, Vice President

Dora B. Rote, Secretary

Elmira C. Dech    

Cora J. Felty                           

R. Jennie Rote

Amanda E. Scheaffer

Frany L. Wismer


Rebecca R. Kuntz

Ada W. Smith

The Origin of the Gospel Workers:

Since the Sectarian prejudices are prevalent throughout and for convenience of lettering on uniform [adopted by Society at Conference at Ashland, Pa. Nov. 9th, 1896] and in consideration of the mission of “The Society” it was decided to drop the name of “The Mennonite Brethren in Christ Woman’s Home  Missionary Society” and adopt the name “Gospel Workers” which implies more fully the spirit of “The Society” [enacted Feb. 12th 1897, Limited Feb. 24th 1898].

Articles of Faith of the Gospel Workers

Article I. God the Creator of all Things and Man.

There is but one Eternal omnipotent incomprehensible and Triune God- the Father Son and Holy Ghost who is the creator of the heavens, earth and sea and all that is there in visible and invisible, Governor and upholder of the same by His wisdom and the Word of His mighty power amongst which He created man after His own image, and formed him of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul indued with many great gifts, placed him in the Garden of Eden or Paradise where he enjoyed fellowship and communion with Him, and gave him both a command and a prohibition Gen. 1:1; Gen. 2:1‑9, 15‑17, John 10:30 1 John 5:7 Rev. 19:6.

Article II. The Fall of Man.

Our first parents did not remain in this glorious and happy state of their original creation, but being deluded through the subtlety and deception of the devil disobeyed and transgressed the command of their God and creator incurring upon themselves and their posterity the sentence of death Gen 3:5, 7, 17; Rom. 5:12.

Article III. The Restoration of Man.

Notwithstanding the fall of our first parents from the state of their original purity and happiness into a state of unhappiness degradation and death: God devised for them a way of salvation through the gift of His beloved Son of whom He gave promise and testified through all His prophets and who in due time came into the world “tasted death for every  man” became the propitiation for the sins of the whole world and has thus “brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel” John 3:16, 17; Gen. 3:15: II Tim 1:9, 10 Heb. 2:9

Article IV. The Word or Son of God Who Became Man.

The Son of God is the Word the Eternal and true God of one substance with the Father who took man=s nature upon Him by being conceived and born of the virgin Mary so that both natures divine and human are perfectly and inseparably joined in Him.  Therefore He is Christ (The anointed) very God and very man who suffered was crucified died and was buried, and rose again in order to reconcile us to the eternal Father and to present Himself a sacrifice for both our actual and original sins.  I Cor. 5:19; John 1:1-3, 14.

Article V. The Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost proceeding from the Father and the Son is of one substance, majesty and glory with the Father and the Son very and eternal God.  His office and work is to reprove the world of sin of righteousness and judgment also to imbue the children of God with power stability and energy to contend earnestly for the faith of the Gospel to comfort and head them into all truth. John 15:26; 16:8 Acts 1:8, John 20:22, I John 5:7.

Article VI. The Holy Scriptures.

The canonical books of the Holy Scripture contain all the instructions necessary to Salvation and what so ever is not contained there in nor can be proven thereby is not to be required nor believed as an article of faith, neither to be received as necessary to salvation. John 5:39, II Tim. 3:15, 16

Article VII. Original Sin.

Original sin is that corruption and depravity of human nature in consequence of the fall whereby man has become estranged from God and is disqualified to do the will of God perfectly.  Rom. 7:21, 8:7 I Cor. 3:1-4

Article VIII. Repentance

Genuine repentance toward God consists in a knowledge of a sorrow for, and a confession and forsaking of sins brought about by the knowledge and goodness of God, and the convincing power of the Holy Spirit accompanying the truth as it is preached or read.  Matt. 3:2, Acts 20:21, II Cor. 7:10, I John 1:9, first clause.

Article IX. Faith

Genuine and saving faith is that simple trust in the promises of God in Christ through which all doubt is excluded from the heart and peace and rest are produced in the soul according to the language of the Holy Scriptures.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Rom 5:1. Heb. 11:1, 6.

Article X. Justification and Regeneration

Justification and regeneration imply the forgiveness of sins and a change of heart (The adoption into the family of God) through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  John 3:3; 20:17, Rom. 5:1; 8:15.

Article XI. Sanctification

Sanctification necessarily follows justification and regeneration for by it is implied a setting apart for the continual service of God. The individual justified and regenerated; also a cleansing from inbred or original depravity which is removed only by the application and cleansing process of Christ’s blood.  It is an instantaneous act of God through the Holy Ghost by faith in the atoning merits of Christ’s blood and constitutes the believer holy in as much as it excludes depravity and all unrighteousness from the heart.  We therefore is perfect- perfectly saved by the will of God perfectly performed in the soul.

I.  God commands it. Deut. 6:5, with Luke 10:27, Matt. 5:48, Rom. 6:11, II Cor. 7:1, Heb. 6:1; 12:14; James 1:4, I Peter l:l5, 16

II. God promised it. Deut. 30:6, Ezek, 36:25‑29 Matt. 5:6, I Thess 5:24, I John 1:7‑9.

III.  Christ and Holy and inspired men prayed for it in behalf of the Church. John 17:17; 20‑23, Eph. 3:14‑21; Col. 4:12, I Thess. 5:23; Heb.13:20, 21, I Peter 5:10.

It is the great object of all God’s dealings with men, the object of Christ’s mediatorial work. Luke 1:68‑75, I John 3:8, Eph. 5:25‑27; Titus 2:14, of the institution of the Christian ministry Eph. 4:11‑13; Col. 1:28, of the promise of the Gospel (II Pet. 1:4),

(b)  Examples of those who have realized it.  Enoch (Gen. 5:24) Noah (Gen. 6:9) the Disciples on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:4) Barnabas (Acts 11:24) St. John I John 4:17 and St. Paul Phil. 3:15

Article XII. Growth in Grace

The state that we attain through sanctification fits us for the development of those heaven born principles imparted to us in regeneration.  Eph. 4:15; II Thess. 1:3; 1 Peter 3:l8.  There is however a growth before this State is attained, but neither perfect now; such as will bring forth much fruit. I Pet. 2:2, John 15:2.

Article XIII. Healing the Sick

That it is the will of God to heal the sick, who by an implicit confidence and faith look to Him and trust in His power.  We believe according to James 5:13, 15; Matt. 8:17, Mark 6:13; 16:18, II Chron. 16:12, Psa. 103:3, Ex. 15:26.

Article XIV. Good Works

Good works are not conditions of life and salvation but are the natural results of a regenerated and sanctified heart from which as naturally as water gushes forth from every respective fountain after its kind and every tree bringeth fourth fruit after its own nature.  Supreme love to God and love to man with every other corresponding trait of Christian character will naturally show forth themselves in all the various avocations and deportments of life.  By grace are ye saved “not of works” for when we have done all that is our duty to do we must say, we are unprofitable servants. Matt. 7:16‑20; John 15:5, 8, 16; Luke 17:10.

Article XV. Sin After justification

Not every sin committed after justification is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and unpardonable, therefore the grant of repentance is not denied to such as fall into sin after justification.  After we have received the Holy Ghost it may so happen that we may depart from grace and fall into sin and we may even then by the grace of God rise again through the workings of the Spirit and turn to God and receive forgiveness of our sins.  I  John 2:l, Rev. 2:5.

Article XVI. The Church of Christ

The Church of Christ is composed of all true believers who are designated His “sheep” who hear His voice and follow Him who know Him and are known by Him, and who are a separate people from the world, ” A peculiar people.”  Supreme love to God and love to all men (enemies included) being a true characteristic feature peculiar to them only, they may readily be distinguished from the world. Their ground and pillar of hope is that of the “apostles and prophets Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.”  “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it” “Blessed is that people whose God is the Lord.”  John 10:1‑5; Eph. 2:20, Titus 2:14.

Article XVII. Baptism

Water baptism has no saving or cleansing efficacy.  It is a visible or outward sign of an internal work of grace in regeneration and consecration to the service of God.  It is not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God, hence can with propriety be administered only to such as have by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ realized the forgiveness of sins and have the evidence of their acceptance with God, Matt. 28:19, 20; Acts 8:37; I Peter 3:21.

Article XVIII. Feet Washing

The Lord Jesus has instituted and commanded feet washing who also Himself washed the disciples feet and has thereby given an example that we “ought to wash one another=s feet.” John 13:4-17; I Tim. 5:10.

Article XIX. The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s supper is the ordinance which our Saviour instituted in the night of His betrayal with bread and the fruit of the vine.  We are to observe it to commemorate that His body was broken and His blood shed upon the cross to redeem us from the curse of sin and death.  That the bread of communion and the cup of blessing were not intended for a full meal we infer from the language of Paul when he says “if any man hunger let him eat at home.”  “What, have ye not houses to eat and to drink in”?  Christ draws our attention to the fact that it is not to be a natural but a spiritual feast when He says “Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His blood ye have no life in you.”  The body of Christ is given taken and eaten in the supper only after a heavenly and spiritual manner and the means whereby the body of Christ is received and eaten in the supper is faith.  Therefore the supper was instituted for the children of God only.  God has also wisely directed that each one examine himself and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup.  Matt. 26:26‑29; I Cor. 10:16; 11:20‑29.

Article XX. Marriage

Holy matrimony is a sacred institution of divine origin and believers should enter into so solemn an engagement in the fear of God  seeking direction and guidance of Him who knoweth to direct all things according to the good pleasure of His will and according to the teaching of God’s word.  This solemn engagement should be “only in the Lord.”  Believers should not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.  The trouble and despair subsequent upon entering the marriage state of those whom God hath not joined together is incalculable and should be a solemn warning to any and all who contemplate this step to take the matter with all sincerity of heart to God in prayer.  We therefore use our influence strongly against the marriage of Christians with the unconverted.  Gen. 1:27; 2:18, I Cor. 7:39;  II Cor. 6:14,15.

Article XXI. Civil Government

God ordained and instituted the civil government for the punishment of evil doers and for the protection and influence of the good.  We respect these powers with due loyalty and are willing to be submissive subjective and obedient to their authority, so long as not intruded upon in things which should militate against the supreme law and will of God.  We pay willingly and cheerfully tribute and custom demanded of us, and pray for their protection, prosperity and welfare “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” Matt. 17:27 Rom. 13:1‑7; I Peter 2:14.

Article XXII. Self Defense

Jesus has forbidden His disciples and followers all revenge and resistance with the divine injunction “Resist not evil” again “my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight, but now is my kingdom not from hence.”  Christ’s followers are denominated His sheep whose nature is the direct opposite of the wolf or lion.  Christ in His suffering has given us an example and we should follow His steps.  “He is brought as a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearer is dumb so He openeth not his mouth.@   We are commanded to recompense to no man evil for evil and to cause grief or suffering to come upon no one and if required for conscience sake at the Lord’s bidding when persecuted in one place to flee into another and also take the spoiling of our goods joyfully for the Lord’s sake “knowing that there is reserved for us in heaven a better and enduring substance.” Matt. 5:33‑44; I Pet. 3:9.

Article XXIII. Oaths

Christ has strictly forbidden the swearing of oaths when He says “I say unto you swear not at all but let your communication be yea yea, nay nay for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”  It is evident that the apostles regarded it and strictly insisted upon its careful observance.  James says “above all things my brethren swear not neither by heaven neither by the earth neither by any other oath but let your yea be yea and your nay nay lest ye fall into condemnation.@  From these clear testimonies we conclude that the swearing of oaths is forbidden and not tolerated and that anything beyond affirmation is violating the command of our Saviour.   We regard our affirmation as sacred and binding as though we had confirmed it by an oath.  Matt. 5:34-37; James 5:12.

Article XXIV. The call to the Ministry

The call to the ministry is of such vast importance that God alone is able to decide as to who shall go forth as laborers in the vineyard of the Lord as ministers of the Gospel.  The Saviour says “pray ye the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest” and Paul says “how shall they preach except they be sent.”  Hence only such as the Lord has called qualified and sent forth to preach the Gospel can be an efficient means in His hands to further His cause, prosper the church and successful in winning souls to Christ.  Matt 9:38 Rom 10:15.

Article XXV. Ordaining Women

We believe that woman’s work is just as sacred and important as man=s work and women as well as men cannot stand nor do any thing acceptable to God without the Holy Ghost and Him continually abiding in her and guiding her into all truth and thus operating through her to will and to do in her peculiar sphere and so revealing Christ through her the same as through man. Therefore we recommend devoted women who are decided in reference to their call for life to be ordained as missionaries (home or foreign) by the laying on of hands by the President and others and so giving them over to the Holy Ghost forever as a living sacrifice for God.  I Cor. 7:32, 34, Acts 2:16‑18, Gal. 3:28.

Article XXVI. Lord’s Day

We believe the Lord’s day to be of divine origin.   The Jewish Sabbath as being obligatory upon those living under the law of Moses until the time of its consummation, we recognize the first day of the week as being the Lord’s day under the present dispensation the observance of which we hold obligatory and sacredly binding upon the followers of the Lord Jesus in commemoration of the glorious victory achieved through His resurrection from the dead on that eventful day it also having been duly and persistently observed by the Apostolic Church and also being the day upon which the Holy Ghost was poured out on the disciples John 20:1, 19, Acts 20:7.  Since we see the degradation and sin that is fostered by all manner of Sunday reading and uncalled for Sunday labor.  Therefore we positively discourage all unnecessary Sunday labor as well as pleasure seeking and the reading of questionable literature on Sundays or any other day for selfish gain or enjoyment.  We believe however in doing good on all days and therefore go about our mission daily entering any place at any time delivering our messages spreading the Gospel and laboring to the glory of God and salvation of men.  Mark 16:1, 2, 9; John 20:26, Rev l:l0; I Cor. 16:2, Mark 2:27, 28; Luke 6:6‑10.

Article XXVII. The Coming of Christ

We believe that the hope of the church is centered in the personal return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who will Himself return in like manner as He ascended we are exhorted to comfort one another with these words Acts 1:11, I Thess 4:18 Importance Matt. 24: 42, 44; Mark 13:33‑37; Luke 12:35,  36, 21:36 Object of Hope Titus 2:13. I Peter 1:3‑9; I Thess. 4:17; John 14:3 I Cor. 1:4‑8, motives to activity and holiness Luke 9:26, Phil. 3:20, Col. 3:4, 5; I Tim. 6:14, I Pet. 5:2‑4; Titus 2:12,13; Heb. 10:36,37, James 5:7, 8 Rev. 2:25, 3:11, 1 Thess. 3:12, 13, I John 2:28, 3:2, 3; I Thess. 5:4, 6  Scoffers do not believe in His coming II Pet. 3:3‑7; 11:12  He will come to those that look for Him.  Heb. 9:28.

Article XXVIII. Millennium

The millennium (Rev. 20:1‑6) or day of the Lord (II Pet. 3:8) will be ushered in by the appearance of Christ in His glory (Luke 21:27) with His church (I Thess. 3:13, Zech. 14:5) or 10,000 saints (Jude 14), to reign on earth (Rev. 5:10, Zech. 14:9) 1,000 yrs. during which time the devil will be bound (Rev. 20:1‑6) and Christ will reign in righteousness (Psa. 46:9; 72:8, l0, 11, 17; Isa. 2:1‑4) with His enemies become His foot stool Heb. (10:13; Isa 11:6‑3; Hosea 2:18.)

Article XXIX. Judgment Day.

God has appointed a day (II Peter 3:8) to judge the world Acts (17:31) when all will be judged according to their works (II Pet. 2:9, Heb. 9:27; 10:27; II Cor. 5:10; Matt. 25:32; Eccl. 12:14)

(Read this quarterly)

General Rules of Gospel Workers

Rule I

Part l

Daily Guide for Hall Workers

1.   Rise summer season [May 1st to Nov. 1st] not later than 4:30 a.m.  Winter season Nov. 1 to May 1st not later than 5:00 a.m. and expand lungs in the morning air.  Psa. 127:2; Isa. 59:4.

2.  Dusting Hall before Workers Bible Study.

Summer       Winter

3.  One hour workers united Bible study to begin at 5:00a.m.          5:30 a.m.

4.  Morning work and uniforms on by                                                       6:30a.m.     7:00 a.m.

5.  Sewing etc. or as the spirit leads to begin at

about                                                                                                                                                6:30a.m.      7:00a.m.

6.  Breakfast at about                                                                                                  8:15a.m.           8:45a.m.

7.  Ready to go visiting etc. not later than                                       9:00a.m.    9:30a.m.

8.  In for dinner not later than                                                                           4:30p.m.          4:00p.m.

9.  Get cooked dinner and eat as soon as ready after 4:30p.m.         4:00p.m.

10.  Record books sold and reading or writing

as the spirit leads until                                                                                                  6:15p.m.          5:45p.m.

11.  One hr. private Bible study each worker for

herself beginning at                                                                                                       6:15p.m.          5:45p.m.

12.  Get ready for meeting                                                                                   7:15p.m.          6:45 p.m.

13.  Open air meeting or meditation for meeting

beginning at                                                                                                                            7:30p.m.      7:00p.m.

14.  Doors open for public meeting about 1/2 hr. before services begin.

15.  Services begin and workers always in meeting

at                                                                                                                                                               8:00p.m.     7:30p.m.

16.  Services close at about                                                                                 9:30p.m.          9:00p.m.

17.  Record collections gifts and books sold before retiring.

18.  Doors locked 15 min. after meeting closed.

19.  Sweep Hall immediately after doors are closed and locked.

20.  Retire (when possible) by 10 p.m.

21.  Never retire with a murmuring spirit or fall asleep without having Jesus in your mind, and peace with every one, as far as lies in you ready for His coming.

Part II


1.  Sunday

a.  Reading or meditation instead of sewing.

b.  Early meeting may be held instead of united Bible study if desired.

c.  Regular services 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. closed before 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. respectively if possible.

d.  No sweeping of hall on Sun. night.

2.  Monday

a.  Sweeping hall prayer instead of united Bible study, washing  eating breakfast and have wash out by 10 a.m.

b.  Wash at workers home if possible next best thing as directed by district leader if it is impossible.

c.  All workers are at perfect liberty to rest as they choose between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when they shall have doors locked, keep quiet read, write rest or sleep.  This is workers rest day or Sabbath.

d.  No Public hall meeting on Monday night.

e.  Monthly class meeting for members only to be held under the supervision of District Leader beginning 15 minutes later than usual time. (doors open 20 minutes before time then locked).

f.  Cottage prayer meetings may be held conducted by Gospel Workers on remaining Monday nights at usual time.

3.  Tuesday  Ironing immediately after dinner finished by time appointed to study.

4.  Thursday  Workers will be in hall on Tues. and Thursday to be seen on business between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

5.  Saturday

a.  Dusting hall prayer instead of united Bible study.  Saturdays work, weekly bath and uniformed before Breakfast.

b. Workers will be in their respective halls on each Saturday between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. to give personal Bible instruction to any female seekers of truth.

c.   Children=s meeting from 3:15 p.m. to no later than 4:00 p.m.

d.   Selling of “Gospel Workers” in saloons on Saturday night immediately after doors are closed and refer to ch. II, Rule XII.

e.   Bands shall scrub their respective Halls without help and attend to their own respective duties as a rule when well, Refer to Ch. II Rule VII Article (b) and (c)

6.   Bands may deviate in reference to the time of the different appointed duties under unavoidable circumstances viz sickness, canvassing out of town scrubbing of hall or when President District Leader or seamstress calls to transact business etc.

7.   President District Leader and Seamstress are expected to keep above rules as near as they possibly can in connection with their traveling and business.

Band shall remind and assist each other in following the guide.

Issued and in effect on Jan. 1, 1898 and ratified and adopted as a part of the Discipline at General Conference held at Hacketstown, N.J. Feb. 24, 1898. (Form 5)

Rule II


Personal neatness and cleanliness is insisted upon: cleaning of shoes, and clothes.  Combing the hair a weekly bath and daily cleansing of the teeth is recommended.

Rule III

Provision for Sewing

They shall do their own mending and may make their own underwear in hour appointed but are requested to get their uniforms in uniform department.  All Gospel Workers who cannot do their own sewing in the regular hour appointed in the morning are permitted to do sewing (for themselves) on the first Monday in each month in their own respective Hall home.

Rule IV

Sundry directions and limits of Workers

a.  In case any band workers receive a gift in money from any one, said gift shall be put into the general collection and recorded in the financial accounts (excepting a gift from a personal friend or relative not directly or indirectly connected with the Gospel Workers Mission) .

b.  They shall not loan the Gospel Workers discipline, nor a portion of the same to anyone and are solemnly requested to return it when they cease to hold the office which entitles them to the same.

c.  No officers shall keep any of the account or minute books, but leave them in their respective Hall for their successor or when full return to headquarters or President immediately.

d.   Band workers cannot remain any longer at one place without a change than 2 terms of 3 months each and 2 workers are not permitted to work together longer than one term of 3 months unless by consent of 2/3 of the quarterly Conference under special circumstances.

e.  No worker shall keep and use clerical order when they leave the society but return the same to the Secretary of the society who shall return them to the company that issued same.

Rule V

Of Apparel

a.  They will wear no article of dress not strictly plain, corsets or injurious substitutes strictly prohibited.  They are to wear the uniform as adopted and supplied by the Gospel Workers Uniform Department before they can become full members of the Gospel Workers Society and all probationers are required to wear the adopted badge from the time they enter the work.

b.  The uniform dress shall be regularly worn and workers shall not attend to any business inside or outside of Hall without it on, but may lay it aside on Monday resting hours, while doing regular morning and Saturday work washing sweeping and scrubbing hall.

c.  Badges supplied by the Gospel Workers Society are only for good standing Gospel Workers and none who are under any charges are allowed to wear them all applicants shall deposit $1.00 for their respective badge and solemnly agree to return the same to the Secretary of the Society   when they cease to be wholly devoted to their call in the Gospel Workers Society or at any time on demand of the President and one District Leader upon which the Secretary of the Society will return the deposited $1.00 for said badge.

d.  Lay members of Gospel Workers are not permitted to wear the badge lettering and yellow buttons adopted by the Secretary for its licensed workers only.

Rule VI

Conditions of supplies for workers and settlements of Accounts in General

Uniforms capes bonnets shoes and badges can be ordered directly from the supt. of the  uniform Department or through the President and may be sent to workers and can be settled for at first convenience with the President or at monthly meeting as soon as they are able to pay for same.  All small articles like stationary, notions, trimmings, postal cards etc. etc. may be ordered from and shall be paid to District Leader cash and if ordered directly from the Department by mail, postage will be extra and bills will be sent to District Leaders who will collect the first opportunity.  They shall make all settlements pertaining to their several halls monthly and or before the 1st of each month and are not permitted to contract outside debts without the counsel of their respective leaders and no debts at all in connection with the hall work.

Rule VII

Physical preservation

a.  They are to avoid anything that will injure their bodies which are the temples of the Holy Ghost or to prevent the enemy of the cross from challenging them as living contrary to their teaching and under all circumstances use discretion and sound judgment with each others burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

b.   In case one or both workers are not strong enough physically to scrub their respective halls they shall employ some worthy lady to be paid out of the Gospel Workers Home Missionary fund.

c.   In case any lack physical strength such shall report to their respective leaders as sick or too feeble to attend to their duties who shall provide required relief or nursing for such sick and always report to district leader or President according to  discipline.


Christian Unity

When any of the Gospel Workers are for any reasons aggrieved with one another they shall make all haste to cast the fire out of their hearts by going to their co‑laborers alone following the Saviour=s advice Matt. 18:15‑17.

Rule IX

Leave of Absence

Leave of absence may be granted for a short time by the President in case of necessity and all workers are permitted take a furlough 2 week days not exceeding 48 hours (going and returning not included) every 6 month viz from Jan. 1 to July 1 and July 1 to Jan 1.

Rule X

Gospel Workers Correspondence

a.  They shall use printed envelopes and postal cards supplied by Society and no other.  Society furnishes printed envelopes free and printed costal cards without extra charge for printing.

b.  They shall never keep a weekly or pre‑arranged correspondence with any old friend or relative (which always continually divides their virtues) nor habitually report any news of their district or of any member of the same (not strictly edifying) to any so called old personal friend or relative inside or outside of the Society but leave all according to the requirements of the law and our Lord Jesus Christ Deut 13:6-10; 33:9; Ex. 32:25‑28, Luke 14:26, 27, Micah 7:5-7, Matt l0:16, 21, 22, 35, 38.

c.   Any not heeding this may be sent home any time by the President with the consent of their district leader or according to rule XVI..

Rule XI

Donation Day

A day shall be appointed in each mission quarterly to receive donations such as furniture, bedding, cooking utensils, chairs or benches etc, for the outfitting dept, also edibles such as groceries etc, for the Gospel Workers Home nothing received on donation day shall be used in mission where donated, all donations for workers Home shall be sent to headquarters immediately by the respective bands.

Rule XII

Paper Selling

a.  The “Gospel Worker” is to be sold weekly by the Gospel Workers of each Band chapter II Rule I Part II article 5.

b.  The President shall order amount as decided upon by the respective Bands from time to time.

c.  The Band shall pay the whole amount ordered even if they do not succeed in selling all.

d.  Band Leaders by consent of their District Leader may appoint a good reliable person to assist in selling “Gospel Workers” on especial occasions.

e.  Each issue of the “Gospel Worker” shall be sold in the week issued if possible.  In case Workers fail to sell all in the week issued the remainder shall not be canvassed from house to house in the vicinity of hall nor offered in public Hall meeting on any day in the following week beside Tuesday.


Restrictions for Gospel Workers

a.  They are not permitted to accept any invitations from any party outside of the Society, to fill appointment or attend any especial gathering without permission of their respective District Leader or President unless it is strictly missionary work and with a view of preaching a full Gospel in regions beyond which we encourage on conditions that regular work is not neglected.

b.  They shall not surrender their respective pulpits to any one unless in an exceptional case to parties recommended by good known authority neither are they permitted to appoint any one to take charge of regular meeting unless they are accepted applicants for Gospel Worker Society then only to lead prayer or testimony meeting.

c.  They shall have no especial stopping places to loaf or chat.  All resting for pass time or recreation shall be done in their respective home business while out.  No engagement shall be made in advance for meals.

d.  They shall not entertain old friends or outsiders in general at their Hall homes for any length of time, as they are requested to be engaged according to Rules and Daily Guide.  Outside parties can only be allowed in Hall home for a limited time under especial circumstances by permission of the District Leader or President.

e.  They are not allowed to keep company spend all night alone nor continue correspondence with the opposite sex neither are they permitted to form engagements without first consulting the President.  Any violation on this rule will subject the guilty worker to a public confession at quarterly conference or according to Rule XVI.

Rule XIV

Death to Self

It is expected and essential that every worker is dead to the old man and purified by the blood, whenever any worker manifests the carnal mind in stubbornness, harshness, touchiness, lightness, evil speaking, murmuring, faultfinding, unkind criticism, jealousy, love of praise, or flattery selfishness or laziness or love of ease and the fear of man which bringeth a snare, shrinking from reproach, etc.  Such an one shall be corrected or rebuked by any other member according St Paul’s advice to Timothy I Tim. 5:20.

Rule XV

Cheerful Obedience

a.  They are expected to cheerfully comply with their respective Leaders in accordance to the Rules of the Society and to confer with them before carrying out any of their own plans.

b.  All officers shall assist their respective Leaders in enforcing any of the Society’s Rules, Workers found guilty of not heeding these Rules shall be dealt with according to Rule XVI.

Rule XVI

Examination of Band Workers

a.  All Band Workers shall be examined at each of their respective quarterly conferences through a committee consisting of the President and two District Leaders [if two are present].

b.  In case only one District Leader is present the President and District Leader present may appoint a third party.

c.  The committee shall examine all Band Workers through their respective minute books and co-laborers in reference to their loyalty to God, Society and their respective leaders and Co-laborers.

d.  In case of manifestations of out breaking carnality or disloyalty, see Rule XIV are found without good evidence of true humiliation and sorrow such an one shall be brought before the conference and tried and if found guilty without true humiliation before God and the Society such an one shall be suspended or expelled according to the decision of the conference.[1]

Chapter III

Section I

Reception of Applicants for the Work

a.  All applicants for the work in the Gospel Workers Society shall make application to W.B. Musselman President.  The application shall be accompanied by a written recommendation from a spiritual overseer.

b.  The President will then correspond with each applicant, and if he is favorably impressed will send or take the Applicant’s Blank to them to be filled out and returned immediately in sealed envelope.

c.  A committee consisting of the President and two ordained Workers [appointed by the President] shall thoroughly examine Blanks filled out by applicants and sign name if satisfactory and thereby recommend such applicants who have filled out Blanks acceptably to following Quarterly Conference.

d.  Each Applicant who is thus recommended to the Quarterly Conference shall state the nature of their call publicly and be orally examined on doctrine consecration etc. after which they may be received on six months probation by consent of 2/3 of Quarterly Conference.

e.  Quarterly conference licenses shall be granted to all applicants when they are received on probation, said licenses subject to ratification quarterly and renewed annually at their respective quarterly conference.  They shall also be supplied with a blank badge to be returned when they are taken in as full members [Chapter III Section II Article f] or according to chapter II Rule V Article c.

Section II

Reception of Candidates for Full Membership


a.  Fill out candidates Blank satisfactory to chairman, Secretary and District Leader.

b.  To serve the term of probation satisfactory

c.  To be wholly given up to the Society=s Quarterly Conference.

d.  To pass an examination on doctrine and regulations.

e.  After the above requirements have been satisfactorily met by any candidates such may be received into Conference as full members by consent of 2/3 of members of Quarterly Conference.

f.  Candidates received into full membership shall return their former Badges and will be supplied with a Badge with number in regular order.  In case more than one Candidate is received at the same Conference, they shall be numbered according to order in which they were received on probation on condition of Chapt. II Rule V Art c.

Section III

Reception of Local Worker

Members of the Gospel Workers Society who are called to work and are not able to be active in the work all the time may be granted local licenses by Quarterly Conference on the same conditions that applicants are received [excepting filling out Application Blank and continually active] and may be used by the Society as mutually agreed upon from time to time such have no voice in any conference.

Section IV

Qualification and Reception of District Leaders


District Leaders must be sound on separation in the fullest sense also in reference to their conviction for the future and very zealous for the right with holy boldness accompanied with Holy Ghost dignity, no man pleasing, no honor seeking, but impartial righteous yet merciful, able to deal with friend and foe as true embassadors [sic] of God as a leader of leaders an example in piety soberness faith and charity toward all.


1.  General Conference shall thoroughly examine such candidates according to requirements of Discipline and if found satisfactory it may confirm the appointment by consent of 2/3 of the conference.

2.  Workers who have had experience as Band Leader for at least one year may be appointed to take charge of a district.

3.  Workers who have had six month=s experience as District Leader may be recommended to the General Conference by the President to be confirmed.

4.  All who were thus appointed District Leader shall wear the official lettering.

Chapter IV

Reception of candidate for Ordination

Gospel Workers who have successfully labored for one year as full member of the Society and are very positive in reference to their future separation backed up by good sound Bible conviction which has already been substantiated and manifested by their past lives according to Rom 12:1-2; 1 Thess 5:23 such if recommended to General Conference by consent of two thirds of their respective Quarterly Conference members shall be examined at General Conference[2] and if passed by 2/3 of General Conference may be ordained as missionaries by the laying on of hands.

Licenses for ordained Gospel Workers shall be granted when recommended for ordination and supplied with the same immediately after ordination subject to renewal annually.

Chapter V

Section 1

Lay Members

Condition for Reception

a.  All believers who are devoted to the work of God may be received as Lay Members of the Gospel Workers Society to be known as members (All quarterly conference members are known as Gospel Workers.)

b.  In case there are any applicants for Lay membership the respective District Leader shall read  chapter V & Section II to the congregation after which the Band Leader will quietly pass through the congregation and take names of such who are acceptable and ready to join [not solicit – simply give them a chance] and after names are taken then all acceptable applicants shall be recommended to District Leader by Band Leader while the congregation sings, their District Leader read out names of applicants then they come forward around the altar and there the District Leader receives them kneeling and dedicates them to God by prayer.  Band Leader may go around again in case others manifest a desire to join.  Band Leader shall receive none.

c.  All classes shall be organized by the President assisted by the Band Leader in the same manner as numbers are received.

Section II

Duties of Lay Members

a.  All members shall be deeply interested in the Home Missionary work in general.

b.  To contribute monthly to their respective Steward according to ability for the extension of the Home Missionary work.

c.   To attend and take part in open air meetings when possible.

d.  To attend the monthly class meeting if possible.

e.  They shall assist in daily prayer for the missionary work.

f.  They shall stand by the work in general as the Lord directs them.

Section III

Manner of dealing with doubtful members

No lay members shall be dropped by any Bands without consulting the District Leader, in case of existing trouble or negligence an investigation is always required and if proper humiliation is found such guilty ones shall be forgiven if the contrary they shall be dropped by the Band Leader by order of the District Leader.

Chapter VI

Officers Their election and duties

Section I


President, vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, General Superintendant, Superintendant of Literature Department, Superintendant of Uniform Department, Matron of Gospel Workers Home, District Leaders, Band Leader, Co Workers and Stewards.

Section II

How Elected or Appointed

a.  The President is elected at General Conference for an unlimited time.

b.  The Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected annually at the General Conference and a Secretary for their respective Quarterly Conference is appointed by the chairman each quarter.

c.  The President is General Superintendant of the Gospel Workers Society including Head Quarters by virtue of his office.

d.  The officials of Head Quarters [see Chapter IX] Band Leaders, Co Workers and Stewards are appointed by the President.

e.  District Leaders are appointed by the President subject to chapter III Section IV.

Section III

Duties of the President

a.  To open new missions and see that Hall and dwelling rooms are fitted out to start meetings and house keeping according to Chapter X.

b.  To fix the full set of account books and number each mission in the books.

c.  To visit each mission monthly if possible and hold a monthly meeting.

d.  To see that all candidates for baptism are batized.

e.  To hold camp meetings see chapter VIII Sec IV.

f.  To be General Superintendant of the Gospel Workers Head Quarters see chapter IX.

g.  To appoint a steward from the Workers [or members where practicable] who shall collect money for the Gospel Works fund or in case a Band as charge of a District or circuit, such money may be collected for said Band.

h.  To station workers Quarterly or oftener when necessary even from one Quarterly conference district to another where advisable.

i.  To personally attend to renting of Halls, etc [if possible] for the use of Band of Society.

j.  In consideration of the income through the percentage on literature of the General Superintendant of the Head Quarter, he pays his personal expenses i. e. car fares Hotel bill, Telegraphing and Telephoning in connection with official duties, the society has also accepted his offer to pay all cartage, freight and express in connection with the Literature Department.

k.  To select and announce through the “Gospel Worker” certain small portions of Literature for Gospel Workers weekly uniform reading.

l.  To announce a portion of Scripture a quarter in advance for all Gospel Workers to study, and examine said workers on a day previous to their respective Quarterly conferences on said portion of Scripture and give them percentages accordingly and also the average of each district to be taken and reported in each minute book.

m.  To make and enforce especial rules for certain Halls where and when required if endorsed by the District Leader of said district.

n.  To be chairman and Secretary of the monthly meetings, and chairman of the quarterly and General Conference.

o.  To keep a supply of Society’s envelopes and postal cards on hand in the Literature Department for the use of the Gospel Workers.

p.  To appoint a donation day quarterly in each mission through the “Gospel Worker” Refer to chapter II Rule XI.

q.  Appoint a self denial week to be observed throughout all missions annually for the Heathen.

r.  To appoint Officers according to chapter VI Section 1.

s.  In case the President is suspected [between conference] of any misdemeanor he may be tried by the District Leaders and if found guilty may be suspended until the following General Conference by consent of two thirds of the District Leaders.

t.  The president shall be accountable to the General Conference for the performance of his duties, should he be found guilty of immoral conduct or neglect of duty by said conference he may be suspended or expelled from office according to decision of General Conference.

Section IV

Duties of the Vice President

a.  To take the President=s place (temporarily) in case of President=s death or removal for any reason until a President is elected.

b.  To take President’s place if called upon by him in any of his duties which he cannot personally attend to.

Section V

Duties of Secretaries

a.  The Secretaries shall take down the minutes of their respective meetings or conferences accurately also all reports following viz Stationing of Workers, Bible percentages etc. [Chapter VI Section III Article l] according to the order of procedure in the several conferences Chapter VII.

b.  The Secretary of General Conference shall assist President in formulating any Hall rules, Schedules or blanks etc or copy anything in any book used by President or Society and sign all leases when called upon by the President.

Section VI

Duties of Treasurer

a.  To receive all money collected for and donated to the Society.

b.  To pay out the same when ordered by the President or secretary according to discipline of Society.

c.  To pay all expenses of the District Leaders connected with securing and opening new Halls.

d.  To receive all moneys paid to the President monthly by the different Bands and others for literature.

e.  To settle for all literature bought for the Literature Department by order of General Superintendant.

f.  To pay all expenses on freight paid out during past month by each Band or Worker [literature excepted].

g.  To send check for Rents of the respective Halls and Worker Home to the different land lords, the first of each month.

Section VII

Qualifications and Duties of the District Leaders

a.  To be an example in piety and practice among their co-laborers and see that Society=s rules are kept.

b.  To keep an immediate watch over the Workers of their respective District in regards to their conduct in and outside of the meetings, financial management, performance of their duties and to correct any workers who are guilty of any unwise movements or irregularities in any form, and if with out effect report such to President.

c.  To furnish their respective Bands with sundry supplies according to Chapter # Rule VI.

d.  To take one especial collection at a Hall in their own district which is in good financial circumstances for a Band at a hall in financial distress or need if there are any such but not more than one such in a month at a hall.[3]

e.  To make a temporary change of workers in their District in case of especial emergency for a short time or until the President can be consulted.[4]

f.  To hold one monthly class meeting according to chapter VIII Sec 1.[5]

g.  They may open and fill regular appointments of their own besides their regular duties, not occupying more than two days weekly unless directed by the President, in connection with their own appointments they shall pay all expenses, they may sell literature and are exempted from all extra collections and percentages enjoined upon Bands.

h.  They [or substitutes appointed by them] with the assistance of the Steward shall raise Home missionary money in public meetings monthly and there also assist the Steward in getting regular monthly subscribers, which money Stewards shall collect monthly in said meeting or at their respective home.[6]

i.  To spend as much time as possible with the Bands under their charge, and instruct workers and aid them in visiting and in selling books etc as they see proper, all books they sell in connection with their Bands.

j.  To be local manager of the literature Department see chapter IX section II Part 3.

k.  To donate all gifts received from any portion of their respective district to one or more Band in their district and enter in financial account book as gift at the end of the month after the expenses are met by such Bands or after said Band have done their utmost to raise expenses.

l.  To aid the President in any duties called upon.

m.  To see that her respective quarterly conference minute Book is brought to General Conference.

n.  To read to each of their respective Bands quarterly at least [soon after each quarterly conference] the entire chapter II chapter VI Section VIII, IX and X and chapter IX Section II Part IV and give them any other information which they may need in their respective offices.

o.  They are subject to their respective quarterly conferences for the performance of their duties.

District Leaders who fail to carefully watch over their respective Bands or become loose in any form shall be rebuked and if all rebukes and exhortations fail they may be suspended by the President until the following General Conference where they may be expelled from Society or dismissed from the office of District Leader if found guilty according to decision of conference.

Section VIII

read to Band

Duties of Band Leaders

a.  To take the general oversight of their respective Co Workers take the lead in house work public meetings spreading literature, selling of papers , and in visiting from house to house and of the saloon and slum work where such can be reached.

b.  To see that sufficient money is raised monthly to meet regular expenses and take charge of the money paid to Band by collections and gifts [if not otherwise ordered by the President].

c.  To see that one collection be taken for the President monthly at their respective appointment.

d.  To pay all necessary current expenses of Hall and Band home viz provisions for table etc, and all money=s paid in between meetings personally receive when present as well as settle all financial affairs themselves when convenient.

e.  To settle rents, District Leaders percentage and Presidents collection, with the President at the monthly meeting.[7]

f.  All accumulated money may be deposited weekly in a national bank, where convenient, in such cases the last deposit of the previous month ought to be made no later than the 1st or 2nd of the following month.

g.  To keep an accurate account of all money received and paid out in a book furnished by the Society to be opened and balanced by the President monthly at the monthly meeting.

h.  To have all members recorded on a regular roll book and mark members in roll book who habitually cause divisions and makes trouble, also make note of outsiders attending of the same nature.

i.  To keep a correct account of converts etc in minute book according to blank.

j.  To leave correct account of book orders with full name and address at Hall in case of change of Workers.

k.  To fill out the quarterly conference schedule correctly to correspond with the financial and literature accounts and minute book before they come to the quarterly Conference.

l.  To report to the District Leader and President any important matter of band encluding Spiritual physical and temporal condition on or about the 20 of each month.

m.  For Band Leaders duty in reference to soiled literature refer to chapt IX Section II Part IV

n.  They shall forward all money donated to Gospel Workers Home as soon as received.  The expense of sending same may be deducted from gifts.

Section IX

Read to Band

Duties of Co Workers

a.  Under the supervision of Band Leader they shall [unless otherwise ordered by the President] take charge of literature, take lead in cleaning Halls, of the lamps, and the fires, and also assist in meeting, spreading of literature, in visiting, in saloon and slum work, as well as take their full share of all the house work, etc.

b.  To keep an accurate account of all literature sold, and expressage, Freight or, cartage paid in connection with literature in a book furnished by Society Co Workers having charge shall have authority and benefit as ordered by President under the supervision of District Leader.

c.  To recommend all parties settling any accounts [whether it implies receiving or paying out of moneys] to their respective Band Leaders when said Band Leaders are at hand [Retail selling of literature excepted].  In case the Co Worker has not charge of the book account, and Band Leader by order of President keep all books, the net profit on literature may be equally divided or as ordered by the President.

Section X

Read to Band

Duties of Stewards

a.  To personally ask each member of the Gospel Workers Society and others monthly kindly to contribute toward the Gospel Workers Home missionary fund [Those who have been reached in the Home Missionary meeting need not be asked afterwards].

b.  To keep an accurate account of all money raised in a book furnished by the Society and prepared for that purpose in which an account shall be kept of what each member pays either in meeting or afterwards said book shall always be open for examination at the monthly meeting held by the president.

c.  To report in monthly meeting in charge of president and be prepared to pay in monthly all money raised for Gospel Worker Society.[8]

Chapter VII

Section I


a.  Monthly meeting in each Band.

b.  Quarterly conference in each District

c.  General conference annually

All sessions to be opened by Singing and Prayer

All account of Quarterly and General conference shall be audited at the time of conference.

All voting shall be done by ballot.

Section II

Monthly Meeting

a.  There shall be a monthly meeting in each mission in the first part of each month if possible with the President acting chairman and Secretary.

b.  All Gospel Workers and members of the monthly meetings of their mission and shall be present if possible.

Order of Procedure

1.  Report of mission by Band Leader

2.  Loyalty of Workers

3.  Condition of Workers

4.  Financial accounts examined and balanced

5.  Literature account examined and balanced

6.  Stewards account examined

7.  Monthly minute book properly filled out and Statistical Report inserted

8.  Financial Settlement according to chapter 10

9.  Workers settle for damaged literature according to chapter IX section II Part III Article 2.

10.  District Leaders settle accounts with uniform and Literature Department

11.  Record all things properly in minute book and Presidents cash book

12.  Closed with prayer

Time of monthly meeting as ordered by the President

Section III

Quarterly Conferences

a.  All Gospel Workers who are received into full membership and such probationers who are band Leaders are members of the quarterly conference.

b.  Order of Procedure

1.  Open by singing, prayer, reading and exhortation

2.  Appointment of Secretary for this conference District chapter VI Section II Article (b)

3.  Enrollment of members and Roll call by number

4.  Reading of minutes

5.  Report of Band Leaders, Co Workers, and District Leaders

6.  Quarterly Schedules handed in

7.  Appointment of Committees

viz  1.  Co Workers according to Rule XVI

2.  A District Leader

3.  A Applicants

4.  A Candidates

5.  A Monthly Minutes

6.  A Auditors

7.  A Statistical Secretary

8.  Reception of applicants

9.  Reception of candidates

10.  General Business

11.  Recommendations from Monthly Meetings

12.  Recommendations to General Conference

13.  Ratification of Workers Licenses

14.  Renewing of licenses [at last Quarterly Conference]

15.  Election of delegates to General Conference at last Quarterly Conference

16.  Stationing Report [later generally]

17.  Bible Study percentages [later]

18.  Announce portion of Scripture for future study

19.  Statistical Report

20.  Close with prayer

21.  Secretary’s name

c.  There shall be one Quarterly Conference in each district of three or more Bands or regular appointments under one District Leader, Small districts may be connected with larger ones as directed by the President.

d.  President shall appoint the time and place of Quarterly Conferences.

Section IV

General Conferences

a.  The members of the General Conference are the President, District Leader, Matron of Home, Superintendant of Uniform and Literature Departments and one delegate to every three Gospel Workers elected by ballot out of any Quarterly Conference at the last round of Quarterly Conferences in Conference year.  If any Quarterly Conference has two extra Gospel Workers an additional delegate may be elected.

b.  Order of procedure

1.  Singing and prayer

2.  Enrollment of members

3 Address by President

4.  Reading of Minutes

5.  Report of District Leader (oral)

6.  Appointment of Committees

a.  On minute book

b.  Auditors

c.  Statistical Secretary

7.  Confirming District Leaders

8.  Recommendations from Quarterly Conferences

9.  Revision of discipline

10.  Gospel Workers Headquarters

a.  Literature Department

b.  Uniform Department

c.  Outfitting Department

d.  Workers Home

11.  Home Missionary Work

12.  Foreign Mission Work

13.  Childrens Meeting

14.  Election of Officers

a.  Vice President

b.  Secretary

c.  Treasurer

15.  Financial Report

16.  Statistical Report

c.  The General Conference shall be held annually.

d.  The President shall appoint time and place of each General Conference.

Chapter VIII

Especial Meetings

Section I

Monthly Class Meetings

a.  A monthly class meeting shall be held for members only where a class is organized under the supervision of the respective District Leader to be closed on regular time if possible.  Chapter II Rule I Part II Paragraph 2 art e.

Order of Procedure

1.  Prayer on time [no singing at all]

2.  Roll Call

3.  Exhortation or explanation of Scripture

4.  Confession of faults to one another

5.  Existing trouble settled

6.  Forgiving one another

7.  Any advices or instructions when practicable

8.  No altar services

9.  Every thing done in the spirit quietly

10.  Closed by prayer and benediction

*Never dig faults etc.  This is simply the order when called for

Section II


a.  Conventions may be held by order of and under the supervision of the President.  The respective District Leader may assist the chairman to take charge of all finances during the convention and assume all responsibility of same leave no debt on Band and in case of money left use in work as and where decided upon by the chairman.

b.  Band leaders shall get dishes etc for meals and lodging for the invited Workers as directed by their several District Leaders.

c.  The fares shall be paid for all Workers invited to convention [excepting the Chairman]

d.  A collection shall be taken for the Chairman

Section III

Tabernacle Meeting

The Tabernacle meetings shall be conducted under Rules and Regulations similar to the Hall Meetings according to the direction of the President, the Society pays all expenses of transportation and out fitting [excepting straw and lumber] The Band pays $1.00 per month rent for the Tabernacle and small tent.   In case of financial pressure or a family with children the rent may be donated according to the decision of the president.

Section IV


a.  There shall be one or more Gospel Workers campmeetings held according to the decision of the President.

b.  The book stand shall be at the campmeeting under the Supervision of the assistant General Manager of the Literature Department.

c.  Workers’ fares to the campmeeting to be paid each mission to raise the amount decided upon by the President, toward the fares previous to camp meeting.

d.  A collection shall be taken at each Gospel Workers campmeeting on a good time for the President.

e.  The President shall decide time and place for each campmeeting.

Section V

Open Air Meetings

a.  As open air meetings are an important part of Gospel Workers missions and shall be held the year around not less than one weekly [where possible].  In new opening on in places of financial pressure they may be held on Monday nights instead of cottage prayer meetings by consent of the District Leader.

b.  They may be held exclusively with only a place for Workers to live [under the supervision of the District Leader] as directed by the President in such case Bands take collections in open air visit and attend to colportage work same as in regular mission, and pay all expenses including District Leaders percentage and divide remaining money viz Band 20% Home Mission 50% Gospel Workers Headquarters 30% on especial collections may be taken according to direction of the President.

Chapter IX

Section II

Literature Department

Part III

District Leaders

1.  The District Leaders shall keep themselves posted with the condition and amount of stock of literature in each mission and keep all Bands supplied with a reasonable stock of literature and a box on cupboard for its safe keeping.

2.  They shall examine all condemned literature (reported to her by newly stationed Band Leaders) at the first convenience and if she finds that the same is actually soiled under the care of former Band making it unsalable at full price she shall take charge of same and at first convenience return if possible before the first of the following month to the Literature Department and send bill against former band of whole amount (retail price) to the General Manager.

3.  They shall report all irregularities (or carelessness with the handling of literature to the General Manager and the General Manager may send the Assistant General Manager to investigate (her fare to be raised by the District Leader of such a district and report to the General Manager if sufficient evidence is formal the District Leader shall by order of the General Manager refuse to supply such a party or parties with literature, or as directed by General Manager until confidence is again restored.

4.  They shall take thorough stock account of all literature in Their respective District, itemize all and state number and name in full of each kind of books Tracts and mottos with the retail price of each, and also a summary itemized account of the entire District in the month of January and report to the assistant General Manager by February first of each year.

Part IV

Read to Band

Band Leaders

1.  Bands may buy the literature soiled under their own care at cost for donation, etc.

2.  They shall never sell soiled literature as good, neither at reduced rates unless the amount is put in with the money and recorded in full in book account.

3.  Newly stationed Band Leaders shall examine literature remaining at Hall after the former Band Leader has left and if literature is found which they think is in reality unsalable at full price report the same to their respective District Leader inside of ten days after arriving at the place.

4.  Bands shall pay 16 2/3% of retail price on all soiled literature returned to the Literature Department by the District Leader to the President in the following monthly meeting.  See Chapter IX Section II Part III Article II[9]

Part V

Freely supplied by the Society

1.  The President with Society’s Stamped envelopes postal cards, tablets and pencils

2.  The District leaders with Stamped envelopes and postal cards

3.  The Superintendant of Uniform Department with all she needs out of Uniform and Literature Department

4.  Each Band with large Stamped envelopes to be used for mailing articles for the Gospel Banner only.

New Rules 1903

Rise                                                                                5 o’clock

Bible Study                                                            5:30

Uniformed by                                              7:00

Serving and getting breakfast   8:30

Ready & Out                                                9:15

In no later than                                           4:00

Bible Study till                                             4:45

Dinner not before                                        5:30

Monday rest till 1 o’clock

2/3/4                                                 Colportage work

no need for private Bible study on Monday

Friday in by 1 o=clock

May come in at 12 o=clock

rest from 1 till 4 o=clock

Doors open for strangers

Saturdays 12:30 to 1:30

Two of Band to be in Thurs to be seen on business from 7:00 to 9:00

May scrub hall on Friday of each month

[1]The words, “till here,” are included in the text surrounded by a box.

[2]  General Conference is underlined by a line which points to a ?.

[3]  This rule has an x through it.

[4]  This rule has an x through it.

[5]  This rule has an x through it.

[6]  This rule has an x through it.

[7]  This rule has an x through it.

[8]The words, “Till Here” are included in a box in the text.

[9]The words, “till here” are included in the text surrounded by a box.

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